• Handheld Companion & Developer program

    Hey , I am the creator and lead developer of Handheld Companion, an open-source software suite for the Windows handheld console market that lets you make the most of the console's capabilities, define keyboard shortcuts, exploit the built-in gyroscope…

  • Legion Go Update 12.22.23

    Hi Everyone,

    Happy Friday!

    Today's updates:

    Legion Space 

    First, hope you are all enjoying the update with the ability to adjust the deadzones and response curves for the joysticks.  You'll notice it ended up being instead of…

  • Stutter, but no frame drop?

    Has anyone else experienced a stutter playing an online game? In my experience ive had a few stutters in COD but I dont get a frame drop or packet burst reading game or on the legion FPS overlay. Wanting to see if anyone has experienced this and possibly…

  • Legion Go Update 12.08.23

    Happy Friday,

    I don't have too much to update this week beyond what we covered last week: Legion Go Update 12.01.23 | Lenovo Gaming (US)

    Some quick hitters:

    • DeadZones & Joystick Sensitivity
      • Got a preview last night of the DeadZone settings that…