• PS5 Pro

    Whos Excited for the PS5 Pro to launch, & Are you getting one?

  • Any Upcoming PlayStation Games You're Excited About?

    With it being a new year and all, I was curious if there were any new game announcements on PlayStation that you guys are excited for? It doesn't have to be games honestly, just any PlayStation related content. If you guys have any suggestions for some…

  • Thoughts on PS Exclusives on PC

    How do you guys feel about PS5 exclusives becoming more prevalent on PC? If every exclusive were to be released on PC soon after, would you continue purchasing PS consoles?

  • Final fantasy rebirth

    What are your opinions on the new final fantasy demo and is it worth playing when it comes out or would it be better to wait until it get a few updates. Would it also be a good idea to replay final fantasy 7 remastered first. 

  • PS Plus Extra Games

    Have you found any good games in the extra catalogue that you hadn't heard of before seeing them on the catalogue and were surprised as to how good they were after playing them?

  • Playstation games. Remakes for newer consoles or Originals

    Alright guys. When it comes to playstation, they have been remaking games for the new consoles. Do you prefer the originals for PS1/2 or do you like the remakes better for the newer consoles?

  • Thoughts on the New Playstation Pulse Elite Wireless

    Sony has released their new wireless headset for the PS5, the Pulse Elite (though yes it is compatible with any device via connections like ps link, bluetooth, or wired). At $150, this headset is the first project they did alongside their newly acquired…

  • Xbox exclusive on PS?

    What's one Xbox-exclusive game or franchise you'd like to see on PlayStation? For me, it HAS to be the Forza series.

  • Anyone routinely and randomly browses the PS store game list in search for hidden gems?

    For me, basically once a week, I would open the PS store page and switch to the "Browse" tab that lists all the games. Would sort them with "Release order: New-to-old", click the games with covers interest me, and wishlist if the trailers and screenshots…

  • What's a game you bought that you thought was pretty good, just not good enough to pay full price so you waited for a sale?

    For me, that game is and continues to be Diablo IV. I played the beta and was excited until I found out the game is online only. Now I'm waiting for physical copies to come down in price before I buy.

  • Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Playstation game

    Marvel's Spider-Man 2 is an action-adventure game developed by Insomniac Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It is scheduled to be released for PlayStation 5 in 2023. It is the sequel to Marvel's Spider-Man (2018).

  • PSVR2 : What will it take for you to buy one ? Especially for those people who don't plan to ever purchase one, even if it was half the price.

    For me it just comes down to the lack of AAA quality games for the head seat. I know this sounds shallow, but most game are either VR versions of existing games or games that already were on Meta Quest 2 years ago. There are barely 3-4 games which are…

  • What was your first PlayStation game?

    I got my PlayStation shortly before Final Fantasy VII released (27 years ago this month, actually). I didn't really have too much extra money, so I had to pick up a couple of budget titles - Raiden Project (which was rad!) and then Criticom (which was…

  • PSVR2 vs Smart glasses: what gives the best experience for watching movies?

    Talking sorely about recreating a theater movie watching experience, taking into account field of view, definition, colors, which would offer the best experience in your opinion?

    Anyone here tried using PSVR2 for this? Has anyone tried both types of glasses…

  • PS5 Pro Expectations and Features

    Many leaks have been put out for a potential PS5 Pro release and have given many high expectations. What do you all think the PS5 Pro will have? Also, what new features do you want to see? What's your expected performance/hardware equivalent?