• Apex Legends Tournament - LFG Thread

    Our first official community Apex tournament signup is now live!

    Sign up to complete on either November 20th or 27th with the squad of your choice for big prizes.

    Looking for a squad? Use this thread as a starting place to find a group!

  • Gamers, Your Baldur’s Gate 3 Characters Are Boring!


    Blame the players, not the game

    Baldur’s Gate 3, Larian Studio’s next creation following their hit Divinity: Original Sin 2, is out now in Early Access. Players are already having plenty of fun with the slice of gameplay they have access to, and with…

  • What would you like to see Lenovo do with integrating Xbox into their Legion gaming PC's?

    I would like to know your thought and wishes to bring Xbox and Legion Gaming into a powerhouse of Gaming Performace and Style.

    Do not be afraid to voice your creativity there are no bad suggestions because what you come up with can be and will be the…

  • Our Steam Autumn Game Festival Games Roundup


    Looking to try some new games?

    If you’ve logged onto Steam lately, you’ll have noticed a new banner adorning the top of the homepage. Steam launched their Game Festival: Autumn Edition not too long ago, and it’s jam-packed with demos for all…

  • Season 7 trailer - map & feature reveal discussion!

    Apex just dropped their newest trailer for Season 7!

    There look to be a ton of new changes, most notably - a massive new map, and vehicle!

    What are your thoughts on the trailer teases? The new map looks AMAZING to me, such a different color palate than…

  • Join the Official Legion Discord Server

    Join our Discord!

    Our official Discord server for Lenovo Legion was started by our own community, thanks to Founder .

    Since then, it's exploded with tons of new members joining each month.

    Our server is built to go hand-in-hand with this community…

  • Apex Legends Season 7 – Ascension Launch Trailer

    With World’s Edge on the verge of collapse, the Apex Games need to find a new home.

    But what kind of welcome can the Legends expect? Watch the Apex Season 7 Launch Trailer.

    There’s a whole new world on the horizon...

  • New League of Legends K/DA Music Video - "MORE"

    The Worlds' band song is out today, and it features K/DA again!

    What are your thoughts on the new song? How about Seraphine's inclusion?

  • What did games teach you?

    This one comes straight from our official @LenovoLegion Twitter account.

    What did video games teach you?

    For me... vocabulary! I remember distinctly learning words like "critical," "magnitude," "obliterate," and "mystic"…

  • Outer Worlds is Coming to Steam October 23rd

    Full Steam ahead.

    For players who’ve been waiting for Obsidian’s spiritual successor to their beloved Fallout: New Vegas to come to Steam, won’t have to wait much longer. The game is set to release on Steam later this month – the 2…

  • CEO of TSM Reginald Unboxes the Lenovo Legion 5i

    Without any surprise, critics say the Legion 5i is practical and powerful.

    But what do the PROS think? 

  • Tour the New Legion Community Site w/ Our Community Manager

    Want to learn about new features in the Legion community site?

    Come on a virtual tour video with myself, plus the Legion Twitch viewers!

    still have a question about the community? Feel free to drop a question below.

  • Season 7 drops November 4th! Predictions/wishes?

    Season 7 is just around the corner!

    What wishlist items do you have for the new season? Balance changes? What do you think so far of the new legend design?

  • What is your favorite console from Nintendo?

    Nintendo console for me is amazing, it's not just an upgrade to their old console its a different experience. 

    I am curious. What do you consider to be your favorite Nintendo console (or consoles, if you can't decide), and what makes you attracted…

  • How many monitors do you prefer in your setup and why?

    Hey guys!

    Hope you are all doing well, I absolutely love how 2.0 looks right now and can not wait to see what comes in the future.

    So how many monitors do you guys use for your setup, Why do you use the number of monitors?

    For me, I have a 3 monitor setup…