• Stop the brain dead posts about a Legion Go 2 and demand what we have gets fixed + Rant

    Title says it all. 

    Why are so many of you hard focused on a successor when they can't even get the current one up to date? With that said, why would you want a second with how the first one is being treated (and probably will be abandoned)? 


  • Adding Integer Scaling Toggle to Legion Space

    Hey Lenovo,

    My name is ProjectSBC and ive been developing handheld software for some time. Ben Myers told me integer scaling will be enabled in the upcoming graphics driver. This is good, it means it can be toggled from AMD control panel. I would suggest…

  • Legion Go Update 11.17.23

    Hello Everyone,

    Seems like the theme has become Friday updates, will try to continue this trend as long as possible.  Might skip next week due to the holiday and potential lack of new info with the short week, but will return after.

    Recapping the previous…