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    That's an incredible animated gif.  I almost want to use it as my desktop wallpaper.  Too small, though.

    Did I say "strokes"?  No.  I didn't.  I said "heat-stroke".  And by "heat-stroke", I meant (of course) "The Strokes…

  • [Blender] (Game Dev Assets) Blender Market 10 Days of Giveaways [Free]

    The Blender Market is celebrating their 10th anniversary with 10 days of Blender asset giveaways from June 10-19.


    One giveaway per day, so grab them while you can.

    *Just a heads-up, so far it looks like the gifts have…

  • Nintendo's Latest... Victim?

    If you've been paying attention to gaming industry news the past couple of days you've probably heard about Nintendo's latest foray into the legal system, this time with the developers of Yuzu. I believe we all know Nintendo fiercely protects it's IP…

  • Sit-stand desk

    I'm looking to upgrade my computer test. What are a few reliable desk brands to look at?

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    Don't worry.  I know the difference.

    Causation refers to the construction of raised roads or tracks, over low or wet ground.

    Correlation refers to the formation of reefs in the ocean.

    See?  Everyone is saved!  If I'm wrong, then let everyone's…

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     There's just something about her, right? :-)

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    I don't know how to answer that question.  But, let me try.  Yes? lol

     Let me put it this way... one of us is obsessed with hands, today.  The other is just mirroring that obsession.  That's not coincidence.  That's causation.  Did you Jedi…

  • Spammers

    I hate CAPTCHA but would it help cut down on the spammers?

  • Book or Movie

    Is there a book or movie you would like to see made into a video game?  I'd like a space strategy game based on David Webers' Honor Harrington series of books.

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    No, Chris, I only have 47 entries at the moment (prevented from adding another 5 yesterday). 'Nothing special going on. I did add one of those Twitter / X referral links, but they never help me - nobody ever registers for the giveaway from those links…

  • Warranty and Protection Plans

    What has been your experience with Lenovo's warranty and protection plans? Are they worth the investment, and have they been helpful in resolving any issues you've encountered? I wanted to go with the 4y Legion Ultimate Support but ultimately decided…

  • Has our community helped you feel more connected online?

    Hey all - question for everyone here! 

    We're looking for feedback on your experience with the legion community, specifically around connection and mental health. Do you feel that the LGC (Legion Gaming Community) has helped improve your sense of connection…