• What you really think about the Xbox app on Windows?

    What you really think about the Xbox app on Windows?

    What you love and What you hate, what is you real opinion about the Xbox App on Windows.

  • Competitive or casual?

    Just wanna see how most people spend their time gaming on PC. Do you guys tend to lean towards competitive titles? Or sit back and relax with story-focused games?

  • New PC Build

    On the cusp of new CPUs from Intel and Amd and GPUs from Nvidia, AMD and Intel, who here will be upgrading their PC (whether it be an entirely new built PC or just a few components) and what components will they be going with. For me, I'm leaning towards…

  • Keyboard Suggestions

    What keyboards would you guys recommend for a setup? Can be non-mechanical, or mechanical, just needs to be a decent enough feeling.

  • Free 4K Legion Wallpaper - "Blue Neon"

    More 2022 Legion logo wallpapers are here!

    Want this in an animated version? Get it for Wallpaper Engine on Steam using this link.

    Check back each Wednesday for new wallpaper drops!

    Click here for the full image

  • Comment on Legion 5 January Giveaway

    Happy New Year! Hoping to start 2022 with a new Legion 5 Laptop!! 

  • Which Apex Legend is your favorite to play?

    Which Legend is currently your go-to?

    What do you like about that character specifically over the others?

    Has your main changed over time, or have you always been a one trick pony?