• Points for adding and accepting friend requests?

    Perhaps we can encourage people to add each other as friends by dishing out a small number of points for accepting and being accepted as a friend to someone?

  • Gaming Community 2.0 Experience

    Hey everyone, I hope you're enjoying the new site so far! For those that haven't met me yet, my name is Nick and I go by Ryvalok in the community. I'm one of the UX Designers here at Lenovo working on these new community sites! We're extremely excited…

  • Add Friend Button featured in Dark Mode and not highlighted

    The friend request function is darken out and hard to see with the text and the button both setup for dark mode. Need to make the text white. 

  • Xbox Series X vs. Series S - Which are you getting?

    Two new Xbox consoles are releasing later this year:

    - Xbox Series X ($499)

    - Xbox Series S ($299)

    Both systems are loaded with upgrades from the previous Xbox generation, including high refresh rate support.

    Are you picking an Xbox up this November…

  • Official Friend Code Exchange Thread

    Need some more Switch friends in the community?

    This is our official thread space for exchanging friend codes with other users in the community. 

    Make sure to include some info about the games you play, and what you're looking to do with others here in…

  • New Discussion Group?

    Perhaps a new discussion group for us to share any new projects or videos we are working on? Essentially a self-promotion channel but maybe with a posting limit or that you can't continuously post your twitch channel every time you go live. I wouldn't…

  • Xbox Acquires Bethesda!

    Last week, Microsoft dropped a huge announcement - they've acquired Bethesda!

    Microsoft is acquiring Bethesda's parent company ZeniMax Media, and all of Bethesda Softworks' titles along with it.

    What do you think this means for the future…

  • Having an Issue on the Legion Community site?

    Leave us a bug report in this discussion thread, or start your own thread in the group if it's a bigger issue.

    The Legion Gaming Community is still a work in progress, and we need your help to make sure everything's working as intended.

  • RTX 3000 Series GPUs Announced - Discussion Thread

    The new RTX Series 3000 cards are here!

    The RTX 3000 graphics cards are set to change the game in terms of gaming performance this year.

    What are your thoughts on the new cards?

  • ALGS Autumn Series - Predictions Thread

    The ALGS Autumn Series is almost here!

    The action kicks off on October 3rd, 2020.

    What are your predictions for the Autumn Series?

    - Which Legends pick will be the meta staples this season?

    - What teams are you rooting for this series?

    - How will the…