• PS5 digital vs disc

    Not sure which one I should buy. Which one do you guys have ?

    With my PS4 I barely downloaded any games, I bought all of them as a disc. Mainly because I thought I can then sell it again or borrow it to a friend. But with most games being online now,…

  • What games are you looking forward to playing that are coming out in February 2023?

    For me for this month I am looking forward to checking out Hogwarts Legacy,  Wild Hearts, Atomic Heart , and some others!

  • Play Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege for free on Epic Games until March 16

    Play Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege for free on Epic Games until March 16.


    Free Trial Week

    Play for free from 03/09 to 03/16! Your progression is saved if you decide to buy the game…

  • Support Climbing?

    FIrst off LP system sucks...14 LP for a win and lose 16 when I lose? Whatever...anyway...Is there a better overall support for engagers than naut? I play a lot of thresh but people can't click lantern...

  • For The Newbie or Never Played

    So here's the thing. I'm generally an RPG person. But I am also looking for something that I can jump into and play. With shorter or limited sessions. Something to do where I don't have to spend three hours wandering around gathering jute. I would kind…

  • New Champion Main Suggestion

    Hello, I am an old head LoL player and I was wondering what new champions I should try out and main! I play all roles so any suggestion will help!

  • Question about Arcane: is it worth watching for non-LoL players, or will too many things go over my head as I watch it?

    I ask this because I was interested and saw lots of good praise, but I only played a couple hours of League with friends and never bothered to come back to the game or its community.

  • How to win as a top laner? And LOL ranked queuing algorithm.

    ~90% of the time I win lane/go even, but ~70% of the time bot will lose hard, and I mean HARD. Then their whole team will come top and dive me and etc.

    I can't do much for the team before 14 min since I have to be laning with the other top laner, and…