• RE: New Giveaway - Legion 7i & Shadowbox Display

    is the most active Legion Gaming member out of the whole team.

  • RE: What game(s) have you replayed the most?

    The original Tomb Raider has really held up for me and I think I've played through it and the second one about a dozen or more times. As said, the Ori games are both replayable Metroidvania style games with great stories, beautiful artwork…

  • RE: Appreciation post

    This is definitely because of and his great vision for the future of this community. More people will want to gather where they are not made to feel inadequate or lesser than others because of their gaming ability or platform. I found instant…

  • RE: Season 8

    Ive solely been using Fuse....I like him Slight smile

  • New Groups

    Y'all are probably already working on this...

    However it would be great to have a Lenovo Legion group along with maybe a VR or Oculus group since we do help them build their rift s.

    The other thing I was thinking too.... Is that we can…

  • RE: Quality PS5 unboxing video

    I wonder if we need some content controllers so we dont get awful surprises posted in the form of images and videos. 

  • RE: How many monitors do you prefer in your setup and why?

    I'm currently using 2 until gives me a hand-me-down Y24 ahahah. 

    I wish I had 3 though because I sometimes have too many things open like when I'm streaming. I use OBS Studio, Streamlabels, and MixItUp. Hopefully I won't need to use the last…

  • Feature Request Thread

    The site is looking great so far so lets keep making it the best it can be! Comment with features you'd like to see and I'll update the list as it grows.

    • Custom profile pictures (thanks  for the work-around. We still need a more permanent…