• CPU: Intel or AMD

    AMD just announced their 7000-series yesterday, and Intel 13th gen is on the way. New graphics cards should be out soon too. What's your advice if you're considering building a new gaming PC?

  • Comment on Free Wallpaper - "Nexus"

    Can't take the credit for this one, it was designed by an artist for one of our product reveal videos

  • Comment on Free Wallpaper - "Inverse"

    This one is a real picture! I simply added the stylized Legion logo on top with an inverted fill

  • Comment on Legion Talk: Game Design

    I LOVED this feature in Odyssey, and they took it away from Valhalla. The fights look so janky now because I'll literally be hacking away at a guy at the edge of the cliff and he STILL won't fall, even stumble. BUT if I do a high powered combo that kills…

  • Better Cooling system design?

    In my opinion, those laptop cooling designs need to upgrade somehow, such as being able to let users connect an external water cooling sink or others against the performance drop by overheating. 

  • Comment on (Ended) Legion Tower 5i - July Giveaway

    Trying to bring some variety in, and also some love for our desktop players