• What do you play when you're feeling blue/ill?

    So like a lot of peopple right now I've been struck down by the flu.. Lying in bed feeling crummy. I'm also a bit down. I think a few people in the world suffer from seasonal depression at this time of year. I'm just lying in bed watching Midsomer Murders…

  • [Prime Gaming] Fallout (1997)

    Amazon Prime Gaming is currently running a free copy of the first Fallout game on their website. It wasn't the first game to get me into the Fallout series, but it will be interesting to add this to the backlog and eventually get to it (maybe in years…

  • December 2023 Giveaway Legion Go Arrived

    Just got my Legion Go from the December 2023 Giveaway. Thanks, Ben and the Legion Community. 

  • Best & the "Coolest" mid-high tier PC build below $2k?

    Hello hello everyone! Another fun post.

    In your well-respected opinion, what is a good mid to high tier PC build that you recommend? Please avoid asking questions like: what do you want the PC for? do you want it for gaming or productivity? will you be…

  • Harry Potter Chamber of Secret Game

    Hey Y'all!

    Just came across an old version of the Harry Potter EA game:- Chamber of Secrets

    There are some scenes that I could not go through, and I'm wondering if anyone knows any YouTube channels, websites, or blogs that specifically discuss…

  • Future of FPS, SPS, and TPS (Fortnite is the winner?)

    Hi everyone!

    What is the future of FPS, SPS, and TPS looking like? In my opinion, Epic seems to be able to incorporate many aspects of modern video games into one game: Fortnite. Although they still have a long way to go before reaching the graphics and…

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  • Lenovo Legion Laptop

    Hi Y'all,

    I'm looking to get a gaming laptop with part of my tax refund. My budget is $1,200 and I'd like at least a 3060 graphics card. Any suggestions on what model I should get? Thanks in advance!