• [Legion Listens] VOTE on our new Discussion Group ideas!

    Hey Legion! We’re always looking at ways to improve your experience with the community - including opportunities to add new Discussion Groups in the coming months.

    Therefore, we thought we’d ask you a simple question in our latest LEGION LISTENS…

  • (Poll) AI in Gaming. Thoughts?

    Hey friends!

    Do you think AI will help/hurt your future gaming experience?

    Ex: NPC interactions, Random Map Generation, Smart Optimization, etc.

  • (Poll) Most ICONIC Video Game Character?

  • (Ended) Legion Go Giveaway - May 2024

    US LGC Giveaway - May 2024

    Edit: CONGRATS to this month's winner,  

    Enter to win another Legion Go Handheld!

    By popular demand, we're keeping the Legion Go giveaways rolling! Just like March, keep an eye out for 1-2 extra Go giveaways with creators…

  • VR games while on the go?

    I tried walking around in an Apple Vision Pro for a little bit recently, and while it was just to see what it was like and the state of the tech is limited, the direction is clear. If everyday VR becomes practical, we can imagine mobile games taking on…

  • VOTE for our June 2024 Giveaway!

    Edit: Vote is closed! The people have spoken - we'll be giving away a Legion 7i 4070 next month

    Calling all entrants! What item(s) do you want to win next month for our June 2024 Legion Community Giveaway?

  • Legion handheld giveaway :)

    Which handheld is ideal for current technology applications and users?

  • Legion or other gaming backpacks

    I am still using an older Dell gaming backpack  for my Legion laptop. I really want to get a newer backpack that is fairly durable and protective for a reasonable price. Does anyone have any experience with Lenovo backpacks? I was thinking of using my…


    Net Neutrality is back! Feels like huge news, but I am barely hearing about it at all. Do you have thoughts about it?

    If you don't know, NN means ISP's can't screw customers over on either side. They are required to treat ALL traffic the same…

  • Security updates on budget phones

    What do you think of the security support on budget phones?  Or even some near-flagship phones?  2–3 years of updates doesn't seem like enough, does it?

    Would you like to see "Extended Security Updates" on Android phones, like Microsoft offers…

  • 5 Days of MLR Giveaways

    Calling all My Lenovo Rewards members! Let's celebrate, just because! Join our 5 Days of Giveaways extravaganza and enjoy double rewards sitewide! Ends 5/3. Don't miss out.

    Learn More & Enter >

    Perk 1: 2X MLR Points Sitewide

    Perk 2: 5…

  • Advice on selling old laptops

    So I recently upgraded to a Lenovo Legion Pro 5i and I have two old HP laptops (an both Envy's 2014 and like 2018)  is it worth trying to sell them at all?  And if I do sell them, would a factory reset be sufficient to remove my personal data off the…

  • How do you find time to continue playing when you are in school and start a full-time job? I am having FOMO

    I am just curious, how do you make time to relax and play when you are in school and work full-time? I am struggle to find any free time lately and miss playing with my friends. I am having serious FOMO. I so tired by the end of the day if I start playing…

  • What is your dream videogame?

    From Raccoon City to The Lands Between, from metroidvanias to turn based action rpg pocket monster combat and resource management, we as gamers have come a long and fun way and have grown up and old with our favorite games.

    But, many of us aren't developers…

  • Incognito Mode

    Google is being sued for violating the sacred trust of Incognito Mode. Supposedly, you should be able to use it without being tracked, collecting cookies, etc., but apparently they collected all this data anyway.

    Do you use Chrome or Incognito Mode…