• Are co-op games so sparse?

    I love playing multiplayer games, especially the ones that focus on cooperation. Think PvE or puzzle games where the goal of all involved is to beat the game. It's because I can do LAN plays with family. Smile

    I only wish there were more quality co-op games…

  • What is your favorite OST from a Game?

    They're quite a lot masterpieces out there and I would love to listen new recommendations from the communityMusical scoreDrumMusical keyboardGuitarTrumpetViolin

    One of my favorites is the main theme of The Last of Us by Gustavo Santaolalla

  • Legion Mouse Pad

    Absolutely love the mouse pad I recently won in the draw on here. It's narrower than I expected but the design & quality is fantastic. Thrilled to have been lucky enough to win. Thank you Lenovo. 

  • Comment on Prize Draw - Win a Limited Edition Legion Mousepad!

    I still haven't received my mousepad. I'm a bit miffed because it's really cool. Anyone else still waiting for theirs?

  • Winners

    Like this post if you have won any of the giveaways (Wish i could like this myself)

    + what did you win?

  • What is your best/funniest multiplayer moment?

    So I was playing Sea of Thieves last night with some friends and had a rather hilarious moment, thought I'd share and would love to hear other stories!

    For those that don't know it, Sea of Thieves is basically a Pirate simulator co-op game on the…

  • A time machine takes you to the golden years of PC gaming. What year do you land in?

    You walk into a quiet side room in the basement of the lab you're visiting for work. In the corner, a suspicious machine humms, inviting you closer. You step inside and close the door, and before you know what happened you're transported to Christmas day…