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    Hey Legion - we want to hear from YOU in this short survey!

    Interested in helping us improve our products and services? We've got six quick questions to learn a little bit about your thoughts and experiences with game storage on your PC. Your feedback…

  • Forum posts

    No doubt Due to wanting to enter the competitions on here, some folks put up forum posts which are repeat posts or ones which are just one sentence questions that have no substance, also some are putting posts that are in the incorrect forums eg the latest…

  • Holding conversations with NPCs powered with generative AI

    Videos with video game NPCs that can respond to player's voice are on the rise. This does look cool on the first sight, but it has to leave you questioning how genuine it could be, and how far could you take the conversation with an NPC.

    See some…

  • Are co-op games so sparse?

    I love playing multiplayer games, especially the ones that focus on cooperation. Think PvE or puzzle games where the goal of all involved is to beat the game. It's because I can do LAN plays with family. 

    I only wish there were more quality co-op games…

  • What is your favorite OST from a Game?

    They're quite a lot masterpieces out there and I would love to listen new recommendations from the community

    One of my favorites is the main theme of The Last of Us by Gustavo Santaolalla

  • Legion Mouse Pad

    Absolutely love the mouse pad I recently won in the draw on here. It's narrower than I expected but the design & quality is fantastic. Thrilled to have been lucky enough to win. Thank you Lenovo. 

  • Comment on Prize Draw - Win a Limited Edition Legion Mousepad!

    I still haven't received my mousepad. I'm a bit miffed because it's really cool. Anyone else still waiting for theirs?

  • Winners

    Like this post if you have won any of the giveaways (Wish i could like this myself)

    + what did you win?

  • What is your best/funniest multiplayer moment?

    So I was playing Sea of Thieves last night with some friends and had a rather hilarious moment, thought I'd share and would love to hear other stories!

    For those that don't know it, Sea of Thieves is basically a Pirate simulator co-op game on the…

  • A time machine takes you to the golden years of PC gaming. What year do you land in?

    You walk into a quiet side room in the basement of the lab you're visiting for work. In the corner, a suspicious machine humms, inviting you closer. You step inside and close the door, and before you know what happened you're transported to Christmas day…