• Is anyone else actually happy with their Go?

    I see a lot of doom posting on here regarding the Legion Go and it makes me wonder if anyone is actually enjoying the device? I have only had mine a week, so maybe I haven't owned it long enough to experience the frustrations others are discussing, but…

  • Legion Go Update 04.09.2024

    Hi Everyone, 

    Wanted to give you a heads up that the next Legion Space Update (1.0.2.[8 or 9]) will be rolled out to everyone very soon.

    It will include:

    • New controller (0240401A) and main unit (0240403A) firmware
    • Button Mapping support (found in Controller…
  • A Temporally fix for Legion Go Battery Drain, increase battery runtime.

    I wrote a guild on reddit how to temporally fix for the legion go battery drain 

    A Temporally fix for Battery Drain : LegionGo (reddit.com)

  • AFMF for Legion Go: A Request to the Bens and Lenovo Engineers

    With the advent of AFMF by AMD it brings some interesting factors for increasing the FPS at the driver level instead of FSR needing to be implemented at the game level by the game developer. To put it simply, AFMF adds frame generation technology to boost…

  • Joystick Sensitivity & Deadzones still have something very wrong going on.

    Before the controller update we had some obvious wonky sensitivity/deadzones on the joysticks.

    Now after the update, the issue gets worse the further the curve is modified from the default diagonal.

    We can see deadzones on each of the diagonals both before…