• New Giveaway - Legion Monitors and Apex Coins

    We've got a new giveaway open for community members! 

    Enter to win a Legion Y25-25 Monitor, Legion Y44W Monitor, or Apex Legends coins (in-game currency)!

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  • new laptop gamer here

    i must say i have never owned a gaming laptop but i have to say this is the best money i have spent on a gaming laptop this laptop is a beast i can play 99 out of 100 games lenovo legion i5 16 gb with 512 gb of storage i love what i do as far as gaming…

  • Most-anticipated games?

    Which games are you looking forward to the most right now?

    For me, I think it's gotta be Halo Infinite. It's been SO long since Halo has been in the spotlight, and I really want the next release to help kick Halo back into the mainstream eye.…

  • WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT - Clip it to Win it

    Hi team Freebies,

    Thank you all for your amazing submissions to our very first Legion Community giveaway! After reviewing all your submissions, we've picked our favourite clip! Now for the drum (sc)roll...

    Congratulations to Benn Robertson! You…

  • What game(s) have you replayed the most?

    Not every game has a lot of replay value, but some just suck you back in over and over again. For me, it would have to be Fallout: New Vegas. I tend to replay it once or twice a year, for about 8 years now.

    I'm curious to hear what games you all have…

  • Favorite RTS game?

    Hello, I'm new to the Legion community. And I want to ask: what is your favorite Real Time Strategy game? Mine is Sins of a solar empire rebellion. I'm curious to hear what yours is.

  • What is your gaming-related "Dream?"

    I know the title sounds cheesy, but bear with me here. 

    When it comes to gaming, what are some of your biggest "dream" moments in the future of your gaming?

    Is it:

    • "I want to build the most decked-out battlestation to fully enjoy my games"…
  • Ok let's go current favorite movies. Give me your top 3 to 5 movies

    I love watching movies and I am always looking for recommendations. Post your top 3 to top 5 current favorites or all-time favorites and if I haven't seen them then they will surely be added to my backlog.

    In no particular order here's a few of mine…

  • Community Game Night - May 13th

    Ready to run some games with the Legion?

    Join us this Thursday at 8pm EST for a League game night in our Discord server, including Lenovo staff!

    Go here to RSVP: https://gaming.lenovo.com/us/explore/events/c/e/34

  • New Achievements/Badges Added!

    We just added 8 new "evolving" achievement challenges!

    These special badges will rank up as you progress. The ranks of each quest line are as follows:

    • Rare - level 1
    • Epic - level 2
    • Mythic - level 3

    Check out all of the new quests at the…

  • What are your favorite snacks, drinks, or foods to have when you game?

    I love food, who doesn't?

    I usually have a variety of things to eat or drink depending on the game. Typically easy to eat/finger foods and snacks are the go-to along with really any drink I can find like water, juice, soda, etc. I make this post…

  • New Official Wallpaper - "Wild"

    Check out this week's featured free wallpaper!

    Get the full 4K version here.

    What do you think of this new wallpaper?

  • What MMOs are you playing right now?

    What MMO games are you playing right now?

    We're looking for a good MMO for the Legion community to jump into together.

    Let us know what MMOs we should be playing, and we might even start a new group for your favorite title!

    What features do you like…

  • What to do with the minecraft server?!

    As you may be aware, I run the Legion Gaming Community "Un/Official" Minecraft server. Due to  the issues we have had with griefing and other problems, we paused development of the world. I've been throwing around a few ideas such as creating…

  • New Wallpaper Available - "Legion 5 Pro"

    (To get the full resolution, visit the official download page)

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