• monitor size

    Any thoughts on monitor size for FHD?  Have heard some say going 27, 32, or larger need to go 2k or 4k because anything over 24 inches gets pixely and unsmooth due to size of pixels.

  • The European Union approves the acquisition of #Xbox on #ActivisionBlizzard

    Hello Everyone

    The European Commission has approved Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard. The approval came after Microsoft complied with a number of conditions and commitments regarding the cloud gaming market. The European Union also confirmed…
  • Teacher Appreciation Week!

    Tell me about your favorite Teacher?

    Thanks to all the teaches, the Goddess and Gods of inspiration. Thanks.

  • How much time do you spend gaming per day ?

  • Hardware Efficiency

    In choosing my gaming PC's I always consider hardware efficiency (gaming performance per unit of power consumption). I know I'll not have the maximum performance available, but still enough for all my needs. I'll list the benefits I embrace, and welcome…

  • Which past gaming year/moment would you time travel to? ("Time Loader" Keys - Ended)

    If you could time travel, which past gaming moment or year would you return to?

    "Time Loader" is a game about returning to the past, with tons of nostalgia for the 90s.
    If you had a time machine and could travel to the past, which year or moment…

  • Do you regret the purchase of a game item? What's the most that you've spent?

    Many people buy things for their account/character in games today so I am curious if any of you regret it. I'm also curious about what the most significant amount was. The main game I can remember for myself is World of Warcraft. In WoW I spent at least…

  • Hogwarts Legacy

    OK, I was a little apprehensive when I first heard about this game.

    Will they do it justice? Is it going to be a J-RPG with Harry Potter flavoring sprinkled on top or is it going to be a FPC (First-Person Caster)?

    I must say, I was pleasantly surprised…

  • Where's the most random or unexpected place you've seen a Legion laptop in use?

    One was spotted being used at a U.S. congressional hearing or committee meeting. Pretty sure it wasn't a lawmaker, just someone covering what was going on. 

  • Need a new Lenovo

    I’m on my 3rd consecutive Lenovo laptop and it’s about seen it’s better days. I need a new semi rugged, 15” screen, fast downloading and streaming laptop. I can’t afford it right now! What’s the most affordable model to fit my needs? How can I enter to…

  • What was the first game you beat? Do you love it?

    The first game I ever completely beat was Chrono Trigger and it still remains my favorite game. I'm sure nostalgia plays a part, but the story, gameplay, and characters are all just so good. I have to thank my dad for giving me his Super Nintendo and…

  • Diablo 4

    Everyone excited for D4? I'm hopefully cautious. I still can't decide between standard or deluxe. But I'm leading towards the standard version.

  • Which game did you buy and figure out you won't make it?

    I got 3 hours into Elden Ring before turning it off and never playing again, left myself wondering if it's a little hard for me

  • 1 year+ PS5 owners, how has the overall experience been long term? Any major issues?

    I've had my PS5 since mid 2021 and in that time I've had my fair share of issues, luckily nothing major. So to other long term users out there, how has the experience been? Any issues you may have encountered? If so, if you fixed them how can we fix…

  • How do I embed a YouTube video?


    I have tried to embed a YouTube video, many times.  I am not asking, "Where do I do this?"  Nor am I asking, "How do I get the embed-code?"

    I have the iframe to insert (which you can't see properly, because HTML-encoding the…