• Status

    Can we get anyone from Lenovo to give us any sort of update on the status of any Go updates?

    The last GPU driver was from December and the new update is a broken mess with worse performance, no AFMF, broken Space overlay, broken AMD overlay, 

    The last Ben…

  • NEW: LEGION GO GRAPHIC DRIVERS 31.0.24028.1001

    The new drivers are officially available now. I started a new thread so the update wouldn't get overlooked. If you sideloaded the drivers that are 24.5.1 then it's up to you if you want the official ones. Just note that the 24.5.1 drivers are more current…

  • Legion Go May 2024 Beta VGA Driver

    Hi All,

    The VGA driver update has been delayed a bit due to a bug found that needs to be fixed before official release.  I'm putting the driver out as a Beta for those who can't wait another 1-2 weeks for the official release.

    Some notes about…

  • Legion Go Update 04.09.2024

    Hi Everyone, 

    Wanted to give you a heads up that the next Legion Space Update (1.0.2.[8 or 9]) will be rolled out to everyone very soon.

    It will include:

    • New controller (0240401A) and main unit (0240403A) firmware
    • Button Mapping support (found in Controller…
  • Report of Blue Screen Issue When Installing AMD UMDF Sensor on Windows 11

    Good morning, I come to report a problem that I'm not sure if only I am experiencing or if some other people who had the issue of the Windows 11 blue screen when installing either individually or through the AMD ChipSet Driver software the…

  • A Temporally fix for Legion Go Battery Drain, increase battery runtime.

    I wrote a guild on reddit how to temporally fix for the legion go battery drain 

    A Temporally fix for Battery Drain : LegionGo (reddit.com)

  • Battery Health - almost lose 1%/Month. You need to priorise Battery Bypass Feature..

    Hello Dear Lenovo Team and Community,

    still had an Release Legion Go- Iam using powercfg Windows Feature sometimes to see how the Battery Health is going. My battery was at an capacity of 50.445 maH at End of November and stayed today at 47.830 mah.

  • Legion Go Update 03.13.2024

    Hi All,

    Some updates today.

    V31 Beta BIOS

    This essentially replaces the 29.1 version and will likely be what gets released officially soon, but for those who want access to it earlier I'm putting it up as a beta for now.

    Link to download here: v31…

  • v31 Beta BIOS

    Hi All,

    This essentially replaces the 29.1 beta version and will likely be what gets released officially soon after full testing has been completed, but for those who want access to it earlier I'm putting it up as a beta for now.


    Updates in v31: 

  • Touch Screen Toggle

    It would be great if there were a toggle in Legion Space that could turn off the touch capability of the screen (similar to the TouchPad toggle).  Playing Halo Infinite if the touch screen is even accidentally grazed, it registers it as a left mouse click…

  • Small QoL Feature Request for sidebar control center

    Not sure if this is a good place to ask for a feature to be implemented, but as a small Quality of Life improvement with the sidebar control center app, it would be nice if the D-pad and the left joystick allowed you to adjust the volume / brightness…

  • Legion Go Update 02.27.24

    Hi Everyone,

    Will update what I can today.  Before I do that though, I have a few PSAs and need to (again) clear up some misunderstandings:

    First, please understand that I am not a Community Manager, I'm a Product Manager.  These updates are done in…

  • Favourite game for you to be played on the Legion GO

    Hi all,

    I would be interested in hearing which your favourite game is you are currently playing and you would recommend to play on the Legion Go. Once because I'm generally interested in your experiences, twice because I'm just looking for tips to keep…

  • Legion Go Update 02.16.2024

    Hi Everyone,

    Just a few updates/comments today.


    I did put out a new BIOS from the engineering team this week that aims to address the TDP disconnect between Space and the APU, so if you're interested in reading about that and getting more information…

  • eGPU


    has anyone tried to use eGPU on Legion go yet and if, did you notice any issues, like bandwidth issues with keyboard/mouse lagging while gaming?