• Giveaway

    What's one giveaway that you would like to see?

  • Movies To watch this Year

    What movie or movies you can't wait to watch this Year?

  • First Lenovo product?

    What was the first Lenovo product you ever used and what was the experience like? Mine was a Lenovo ideapad and it was amazing. Even though it wasn’t a gaming laptop it preformed like one and I could play all my fave games on it with no problems.…

  • (Ended) Win a Legion Backpack! - February Clip Contest

    Edit: CONGRATS to our Feb 2023 winner,  

    Want to win a new Legion Backpack?

    For the next month, the Legion Community is hosting a competition to find the best gaming clips in February from the LGC!
    You could win a Lenovo Legion Active Gaming Backpack…

  • Dying Light 2 Free Items Via Geforce Exp


    Thx to another community member informing. You can snag some free items for Dying Light 2 right now via Geforce exp! Get them while they last. 

  • Ice Storm 2023

    Been locked up with 1/2" of solid ice on all surfaces.    Surviving by playing The Long Dark.    What games are you using to pass time while caged inside?

  • Most "worth it" streaming service in 2023?

    With all the streaming services available nowadays, it basically costs more than cable to subscribe to all of them! Not to mention the introduction of ads to services you're already paying for. That said, which streaming service do you think is still…

  • If you were born again, where would you like to live?

    If you were born again, where would you like to live?
  • the laptop giveaway

    so im new to all the pc/laptop gaming is the current laptop being given away any good?

  • Intel or AMD

    I'm curious to see where everyone stands with the new generation of CPU's as I'm interested in building a new system. As of now I'm running a Ryzen 2700x. I'm just curious to read everyone's thoughts.

  • Go for it counter for Josue's Legion tattoo

    Since there was no counter made  , I figured I would help out and start a threat to keep count

  • What are you thinking about right now?

    This is for the Lenovo giveaway 

  • What is your Favorite movie?

    Just wondering about your favorite movie please tell me what it is i might watch it or look into it

  • Must have gaming accessory?

    I’m looking at buying my son some new gaming accessories for  Christmas. What are everyone’s must have accessories that they wouldn’t want to go without? Especially for Pc. pS5, or the switch. 

  • Professional Game Tester?

    Hi everyone!

    I was wondering if we have any professional game testers here and what could they share about their job and how they got into it.

    Are you full-time or just freelancer?

    I have seen some platforms that pay you very little money for a lot of…