• Mentioning Games in RL Conversations

    We all play games, so I'm a bit curious how much we end up discussing them with people who aren't on gaming forums or aren't part of our gaming circles. Has anyone ever had reason to bring up a game or something you learned from one in an offline chat…

  • ︎ Samsung Flex Gaming ︎

    Hello and Hi

    A new device appeared at the Samsung conference under the name Samsung Flex Gaming, this device has a control hand similar to the Razer Edge hand, and this device carries a screen that can be folded, so the user has the ability to fold the…

  • On the go gear or laptop/tablet accessories.

    I was thinking of those "What's in my bad?" videos on Youtube. Without getting too personal, what does your OTG "loadout" look like when you're taking your laptop somewhere or maybe trying to travel light with your electronics? I've been looking into…

  • Most satisfying accomplishment in your personal gaming journey?

    What is that one moment that you will always remember when you beat a game/boss or just pulled off what was once impossible when you first started playing a game?

  • Lenovo Legion 5 Pro Gen 6 16ACH6H -- RTX 3070

    Was looking around and found this model for $1300 dollars US, currently looking for my first laptop and wanted to know if this is good value for price or if I can find better? 

  • Best non-shooting online game for my wife?

    My wife might be willing to do online gaming if it does not involve shooting. Can you recommend a game that is more cooperative or at least not violent?