• 14th gen CPUs

    The new Intel 14th gen CPUs are here and I just wanted to know what y'all think about it.

  • Epic Games weekly free game

    Starting at 8am PT, we'll have two free games to claim on Epic.

    Doki Doki Literature Club Plus!
    Lost Castle

    If you haven't already grabbed it, ending at 8am PT

    Doors: Paradox

    is still free.

  • newbie to pc gaming

    Hey all, new to pc gaming. what games do you guys recommend? i  have started  with cyberpunk and warzone. always played on xbox and ps4 before. open to all types of games. thanks in advance

  • Xbox is apparently going multi-platform + the future of Xbox news is coming next week.

    How do you guys feel about the rumors of Xbox going multi-platform and Phil Spencer announcing news of the future of the company coming next week? Do you believe the rumors? Does it bother you as a fan? Is this a good thing? What are your thoughts?

  • Why be a Stray (game) When You Can Be a Copycat!

    Did you have fun and enjoy the game Stray? Well here's another game for the awesome cat lovers!

    Copycat is a touching narrative driven adventure where you’re a newly adopted cat who is replaced by a copy-cat.

    Copycat is a narrative-driven feline…

  • Schemes & themes - is your computer hardware color-coordinated?

    In the previous decade, I was in a blue phase - my netbook, mobile phone, and analog watch face were all a nice deep blue color. Now, I'm in a grey and black phase (mainly because accessories in these colors are easier to find)... and sometimes I'll try…

  • Couples Night Out! Is Your Significant Other Into Gaming?

    I'm the type of guy who ENJOYS taking my lovely wife out on a date, getting dressed up and showing her off (she's as gorgeous as she is intelligent and witty). Yet often it's fun to stay in and get our game on! In both manners if you know what I mean…

  • favorite game

    What is Everyone's favorite multiplayer and/or Singleplayer game for the switch?

  • Food or Snack

    What is your favorite food or snack?

  • Preserving battery life for laptop gaming

    Got myself a new laptop for Christmas, a Lenovo L14 Gen 3, and just started a little gaming. This is my first laptop powerful enough to play anything other than flash games, and I'm a bit concerned about preserving the battery. If I keep it plugged in…

  • Dragon's Dogma II!

    Is anyone as excited for Dragon's Dogma II as me? I just got into the series after watching some stuff about the first game and picked it up on the Switch and got really into it. Now I'm super excited about the sequel and reading everything about it.…

  • Cheap Handheld Console Decision

    I only have roughly $220 (in amazon gift cards - it's kind of the only way I can reasonably save any kind of money by saving the Amazon gift cards I earn through apps) and that took a while to get. My question is should I go ahead and settle with a Nintendo…

  • Gaming PC/Gaming Laptop... which do you prefer?

    I recently got a gaming Laptop which I love, but I know Laptops aren't really upgradeable so the lifespan is a little shorter.

    There's a lot of pros and cons but I prefer the mobility of a laptop.

    Does it really make that much of a difference…

  • Feel What it's Like to be The Batman

    I feel like I'm a bit late to the party with this, but when I discovered it today... I had to tell my fellow gamers.

    The following is a mod for Batman Arkham Knight, it allows you to play the world's greatest detective in first person. You'll feel…

  • Oscars Predictions

    Oscars were announced this morning. Anyone excited? Invested? Or is it just rich artists patting each other on the back for repackaging the same bland trash and tricking people into paying for it? Who do you want to win?