• New Apex Season "Defiance" is now live! What are your thoughts?

    The newest Apex season is here! What do you think of it so far?

    Personally, Olympus is the BEST map imo so I'm super hyper for the return.
    Mad Maggie seems super strong out the gate, and I like a lot of the new balance changes (Crypto buff and new…

  • Video editing software

    What is the most convenient and effective video editor you've been using?

  • New World releases today! Who's playing it?

    Finally, some new games to play 

    New World is one of the biggest game releases of the year - many Legion community members have been waiting for this one.

    Are you picking this game up?

    What will your playstyle be - which faction are you joining? What…

  • What are the most difficult, yet rewarding games you have played?

    Some games seem to be hard just for the sake of being hard, and as a result the difficulty feels unnecessary and overdone. For example, Skyrim on the highest difficulty just makes enemies do more damage, and makes you do less.  On the other hand, there…

  • What is your gaming-related "Dream?"

    I know the title sounds cheesy, but bear with me here. 

    When it comes to gaming, what are some of your biggest "dream" moments in the future of your gaming?

    Is it:

    • "I want to build the most decked-out battlestation to fully enjoy my games"…
  • What game(s) have you replayed the most?

    Not every game has a lot of replay value, but some just suck you back in over and over again. For me, it would have to be Fallout: New Vegas. I tend to replay it once or twice a year, for about 8 years now.

    I'm curious to hear what games you all have…

  • Apex firing range

    what are some of the cool things hidden in the firing range? 

  • Thoughts on Arena?

    The latest season of Apex introduced Arenas, a new permanent 3v3 game mode with set loadouts, buys, and more.

    What are your thoughts on the new mode so far?

    Personally, it's the most fun I've had in Apex so far - I love the competitive elements and the…

  • Am I mean?

    Am I mean?


    Ok, so I Am new to this community and was wondering how I change my name? Where do I go to do it?

  • Grand Strategy recommendations

    Hi, I'm new to the legion community, just wondering if anyone out there is playing grand strategy games.  Some of my favorites are Europa Universalis, Crusader Kings, the Civilization series and Age of Mythology (not quite so grand, but still strategy…

  • Thoughts on "Pokemon Breath of the Wild?" (Legends: Arceus)

    "Pokemon Legends: Arceus" was recently announced, and it's gotten mixed responses from the community.

    What are your thoughts on this new style for the Pokemon series?
    Are you excited for a new format, or wishing this Sinnoh experience was…

  • Earn An Exclusive Badge - Become a Site Tester!

    **EDIT - we have our participants for the pilot test! Thanks for all your interest, we will be looking for more testers in a week or so

    What do you think of the Legion Gaming Community?

    We want your feedback! 

    Comment below if you are interested in joining…

  • Appreciation post

    I joined this site only a month or two ago, and I have to say I am very impressed at how level headed and positive this community is. I have not seen a single negative post sarcastic or not and I have to say that is very refreshing. I just thought y'all…