• What's Your Favorite Short Game?

    Hello everyone.  What's your favorite short game (<10 hours)?  A lot of games are super long these days and that's just too big of a commitment for me. 

    Some of my favorite short games are Alba: A Wildlife Adventure and Lego Builder's Journey…

  • [Steam] (Other) Steam Fighting Fest 2024 — Animated Avatar + Avatar Frame + Animated Sticker [Free]

    3 free items in the Steam Points Shop (Available until July 22, 17:00 UTC):

    • Animated Avatar:
      • Arms Clash
    • Avatar Frame: 
      • Health Bar
    • Animated Sticker:
      • Knock Out

    Click each item to claim.


  • [Amazon Games] (Game) Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords [Free via Prime Gaming]

    Price: $9.99 Free (Free until August 14)


    Will you follow the light side or succumb to the dark...

  • Introduce yourself and share what content you make or do.

    Since we have this group why not give yourself a little self promotion. Who knows maybe the community might enjoy what you make so give it a try. Like the title give us an introduction and tell us what content you make and what's your goal with your platform…

  • Unboxing: My Incredible Gift from Lenovo!

    Hi everyone,

    Before I even begin this post, I want to thank Lenovo and AMD for this amazing gift!

    Without further ado, I would like to share the story of the super Lenovo Gift Box I have received!

    Last year, I got a Lenovo Community Awards for 2023, and…

  • What would be the first non-conventional thing you'd buy with 1 million dollars?

    Let's say you were given 1 million dollars tomorrow, what'd be the first non-conventional thing you get? Plenty of people would get a house or a car, but I think I'd get tickets to go see the old homes I used to live in. Growing up we moved around from…

  • The First Descendant game has been released

    Hello everyone 
    The First Descendant game was released hours ago and has reached more than 224,000 concurrent players on Steam.
    The game is available for free on all platforms

    The First Descendant is a third-person shooter powered by Unreal Engine 5. Become…

  • Upcoming indies you're excited about?

    What new indie games are on your watchlist that are coming out this year?

  • What game has your favorite soundtrack?

    I've been listening to a lot of calming instrumental game music while studying. It's also a fun little break to see if I can figure out what game the song is on. I'd have to say the original Spyro trilogy as a whole has the best and most nostalgic music…

  • Appreciation Post - Thanks for making this community so great!

    Hey all,

    Big shoutout to Ben and everyone on the mod team for what you all do. Appreciate the care package! I was not expecting a laptop but will serve my content creation well and we can't forget about the coveted water bottle I've been trying to get…

  • Seriously Lenovo Legion, WTF...

    So, I just received a surprise mystery care package from the Lenovo Legion Gaming Community.

    (OK, it wasn't entirely a surprise since I was asked to confirm my address as they wanted to send me a community care package, but it was a mystery as to what…

  • Just Received My Lenovo Legion Care Package

    Thank you, Lenovo and Staff for sending me this gift. I appreciate your generosity and thoughtfulness. I'll try to add a video of the unboxing to this once I realize how to do it. 

    I just wanted to reach out and express my sincere gratitude for this…

  • Do you have a go to and a chill game?

    I'll start, my go to game is Call of Duty and my chill game is Assetto Corsa

  • Do you prefer single-player or multiplayer games?

    As I get older, I usually prefer single-player games because it’s more relaxing. I like getting lost in a story and taking my time. But multiplayer games are fun too, especially for hanging out with friends.

  • [Legion Listens] VOTE on our new Discussion Group ideas!

    Hey Legion! We’re always looking at ways to improve your experience with the community - including opportunities to add new Discussion Groups in the coming months.

    Therefore, we thought we’d ask you a simple question in our latest LEGION LISTENS…