• How frequently do you game in your laptop VS your other consoles?

    I bought a Lenovo legion 7i but I’ve been gaming on my PS5 and my switch a lot more than the PC. How much do you really use your laptop for gaming? 

  • Legion Tower 7i Gen 8 (T7 34IRZ8 - Type 90V7) Maximum Storage Capacity

    Hey everyone, I just got my hands on this beautiful tower with i9 and 4090. I saw that the maximum storage capacity for all types of storage is 2TB in the specifications but I also heard somewhere that it is a recommended value that is tested to work and…

  • Console gaming vs PC gaming

    So having been a console gamer most of my life, and still prefer console gaming with friends, I got a question: How did some of you transition to PC gaming? It is cool to be able to access games that I used to play and to access some games that are only…

  • Playstation vs xbox?

    I am considering selling all my xbox stuff and buying ps5 and keeping my headset and external drive for the ps5. Any thoughts?

  • Laptop upgrades

    Wouldnt it be nice if laptop designers would design laptops to be easier to upgrade??  I think it should NOT entail taking out bunch of screws and prying/popping the whole bottom cover off.  I think it should just be a small easy to open compartment with…

  • Summer games

    What are your goto games for summer? 

  • How are we liking the new Briar Champ?

    I think she looks fun, but I was just curious what everyone else thinks.

  • How worth it would you say it is to sign up for laptop/pc giveaways?

     I've had my laptop for a long time like anyone else but it was never really high gear from the start and now I am crashing in the middle of games, getting fps as low as 15! during low maintenance games. Saving up money isn't possible for me right now…

  • Technology from a movie or a TV show.

    What technology from a movie or a TV show, you would love to see created in real life?

  • VR and AR gaming

    Do you think VR and AR gaming will become as good as traditional gaming? If so, how long do you think before the technology reaches that point?

  • Word Games

    What are your favorite word games or puzzles?

  • Best game

    Hello Everyone 

    If we asked you to choose one game to play it, which game you are going to choose?

    for me Minecraft, because I think this game has no end for it

  • Starfield ︎

    Hello Everyone 

    Is Starfield Worth Buying?

    i saw many reviews for the game but still I am not comfortable to buy it. I am afraid it can be trick of the year. You know that Microsoft has marketed the game so much that I am afraid that the players will be…

  • What would you like to see in Lenovo Legion Go?

    For a few weeks now there have been rumors of a new hand-held gaming PC made by Lenovo joining the rank of Steam Deck and ROG Ally - Lenovo Legion Go. For example, here is an Ars Technica article on it. While not much is known about the device so far…

  • Streaming (or YouTube) Tips / Ideas?

    I've been a YouTube content creator for years. I am a - HUGE - gamer. At this time I do not really have a niche, and I do not normally play very popular title games (I do play some, but I prefer less popular games normally). I do it simply for the sheer…