• Arcane

    Just finished arcane after finally getting into it. It was amazing does anyone know when season 2 will come I saw rumors about it coming this year but its about to end so maybe next year?

  • Summer games

    What are your goto games for summer? 

  • How to transition to desktop from laptop?

    Just curious on thought's on how to make the leap from gaming laptop to desktop. 

    Desktop gaming seems to be considerably more expensive than laptop gaming.  The keyboards, speakers, and especially monitors come with a hefty cost!...but long term having…

  • What is the biggest culturally influencing game out there?

    Like what game has had the most cultural influence ever?

  • For $3,500 would you rather buy a cheap used car or THE NEW LEGION 9i!!!!

    I would buy the Legion 9i tbh. It’s a beast.

  • Gaming Laptop or Macbook Pro for gaming and specs?

    Gaming Laptop or Macbook Pro for gaming and specs?

  • Switch 2 Ideal Upgrades

    What would you like to change about the next gen Switch? I mean other than a more powerful processor. What kind of design improvements would you like to see in the next version?

  • Favorite Movie to watch with a partner

    Any suggestions for good movies to watch with your partner? 

  • What is one game you love but most computers cannot handle?

    Can be any sort of game that you love but is difficult to have smooth gameplay on most computers.

  • Favorite soundtracks or Composers?

    For either movies, tv shows, or games. 

    The one that made me fall in love with movie soundtracks is the Black Beauty soundtrack from the 1994 movie (all other versions are terrible) by Danny Elfman. 

    I also love Battlestar Galactica's soundtrack, as well…

  • Starfield

    Starfield thoughts.

  • Thoughts on Gaming Today

    Simple really. Just need to know if the gaming of today matched up with your expectations 

  • What sort of processor do you prefer? Intel or Ryzen?

    I personally lean towards intel, not just because it’s better but because my grandfather has been involved in the company in the past. But what are your guy’s preferred brand?

  • PS Portal Thoughts?

    Hey all, I'm a bit late to the party, but what are your thoughts on the new PlayStation Portal? From what I've seen in first impressions, people don't seem to like it all that much.

  • If you have access to a PS5 and a TV uninterrupted full time, then congrats - the PlayStation Portal is not for you.

    I feel like it's worth saying that Sony isn't pushing this product down our throats. A lot of the commentary I see is dogging on it, questioning the choice for it, expressing disappointment, and so on.

    It's as if people can't fathom that if they…