• Customization and Personalization

    How do you personalize your Lenovo Legion laptop to make it unique? I've used Lenovo Legion Toolkit to change the boot screen image and wallpaper engine for the desktop background and for the screensaver, never thought of using stickers on the laptop…

  • What would be the first non-conventional thing you'd buy with 1 million dollars?

    Let's say you were given 1 million dollars tomorrow, what'd be the first non-conventional thing you get? Plenty of people would get a house or a car, but I think I'd get tickets to go see the old homes I used to live in. Growing up we moved around from…

  • Horizon Forbidden West - Complete Edition GAME SETTINGS

    Horzion Forbidden West

    BIOS Settings:

    • Auto VRAM
    • FAST Charging
    • STAMP

    Legion Space Settings

    • Performance mode enabled
    • Efficiency OS
    • Performance TDP
    • 144hz refresh rate

    In-Game Settings:

    • Set Preset at Medium
    • Shadow at LOW
    • Screen Space Reflection…
  • What are some games you’re looking forward to?

    I’ll start. There’s a horror game that came out a few days ago, called Indigo park. It seems fun and I can’t wait until more chapters are added :) 

  • Summer plans?

    Maybe a new game you wanted to play? Vacation destination? New hobby?

    Think mine will be picking up rebirth and hopefully finishing by the end of the summer!

    Leave your thoughts below!

  • What is something nice that has happened to you recently?

    I wanted post something positive since this year has been messy for me. Like the title has anything nice or special happened to you recently? It can be something small or something big. Don't be shy or feel felt out if it's small just say whatever nice…

  • Livestreaming on Twitch vs YouTube - Which do you Prefer?

    Pros and cons to either experience?

  • A couple of questions... VR+ your laptops & GOG GAlaxy installs...

    1. I would like to connect my VR Oculus 2 to a laptop to play some of my Steam content, what's your setup?

    2. I've gotten some cool keys for Gog Galazy linked games, the install faceplants from the site and there's almost on support articles for it…

  • AI Usage & Disclosure

    Are folks experimenting with AI in generating content? And if so, do you disclose your usage of AI? Will AI disclosure become a common production credit?

  • (Ended) [Quick Giveaway] Spare Keys from Prime Gaming for GOG

    Hello everyone!

    I have spare keys from Prime Gaming and since I already have these, I would like to share the spare keys with y'all.

    It is going to be first come first serve. Please respond to this post with the name of the game you would like to…

  • Alexa Paid Upgrade

    Alexa is planning to launch a paid subscription for AI digital assistant service because they are losing so much money on it. They are thinking about charging $5-$10  month (likely $5, then $10). This one will generate artificial conversations...


  • (Images) First look at new official Legion Go Dock!

    You asked, we listened!

    Check out the first images of our official Legion Go dock, coming soon!

    An official dock for the Legion Go has been one of the community's most-requested accessories since launching last year.

    What are your initial reactions…

  • (Poll) AI in Gaming. Thoughts?

    Hey friends!

    Do you think AI will help/hurt your future gaming experience?

    Ex: NPC interactions, Random Map Generation, Smart Optimization, etc.

  • Re-imagining or Re-Formatting Franchises

    Is there a game storyline that you could see transitioning from one format/category to another, yet not lose it's essence? 

    For example, is there a single person shooter that you could see as a point & click mystery and still be engaging? 


  • What are your must have Lenovo Yoga 7i accessories and cases?

    As an owner of a new Lenovo Yoga 7i I was wondering what your go=to accessories are and if anyone has case suggestions. More specifically a case that doubles for a cover for the keyboard when using it as a tablet. Also wondering if anyone has skinned or…