• Security updates on budget phones

    What do you think of the security support on budget phones?  Or even some near-flagship phones?  2–3 years of updates doesn't seem like enough, does it?

    Would you like to see "Extended Security Updates" on Android phones, like Microsoft offers…

  • MSI Predictions for NA?

    I think we might do ok this year. I don't know if we could beat the likes of G2 or not. But G2 haven't seemed their best lately. It would be nice to see TL or FLY advance further in the tournament. Although I know it will be a tough climb vs. Geng or…

  • PlayStation Game Saves

    Were you aware that PlayStation locks saved games to the person who saves them? 

  • How's the AMD Extreme Z1 performance compared to a mobile 4090 from Lenovo 7i laptops?

    I’m interested in understanding how the AMD Extreme Z1 processor stacks up against the Lenovo Legion 7i laptop equipped with a 4090 175W GPU in terms of performance.

    Could you provide information on the extent of performance degradation, if any…

  • Favorite RTS Games

    I'm looking for more RTS games to play. I liked the C&C games, Starcraft games, Age of Empires and Civilization series and Company of Heroes. What are you favorite RTS games? They can be newer or older games, doesn't matter to me. I'm just looking for…

  • Recommended Set-Up for games like City Skylines II

    Hi y'all,

    I was wondering if anyone had any hardware recommendations to play something like City Skylines II. I want to eventually get it after they work out its current issues, so I am more preparing for what I might need in the future. 


  • New Wallpaper - Bloom

    Download a new Legion wallpaper!

    This Legion wallpaper is part of our "logo" series.

    Check back each Wednesday for new wallpaper drops. See full sizes below:

  • best gun in the game

    Which gun do u think is the best?

  • Wishlist for June Giveaway

    Hey Legion!

    I know we JUST started the May giveaway today, but I schedule things pretty far in advance over here. I want to know what items you'd like to see as giveaways for June!

    Let's assume you can't go above $2k spent for this idea. Based on…

  • What's a video game series that should get a live action/movie adaption?

    Bioshock? Mass Effect? Halo animated? 

    Mass Effect I could see similar to how Star Trek is, potential for multiple seasons!

    Those are a few to start with, definitely other series worthy to get a proper adaption? Which one would you add to the list?


    Net Neutrality is back! Feels like huge news, but I am barely hearing about it at all. Do you have thoughts about it?

    If you don't know, NN means ISP's can't screw customers over on either side. They are required to treat ALL traffic the same…