• Meet the Legion - RedBeardedNinja

    This week, we're meeting RedBeardedNinja!

    RedBeardedNinja is a Facebook streamer who specializes in streaming titles like Fortnite, Rainbow 6: Siege, and Pokemon. He started on Mixer in 2017, then dabbled in Twitch before eventually deciding on Facebook…

  • Meet the Legion - Meepachan

    Today, we're meeting Meepa!

    Meepachan maintains a personal blog and is soon making the dive into gaming content creation. She's a big fan of PVE and survival games like ARK, with a passion for community engagement.

    Meepa told us that she loves…

  • Meet the Legion - AwakeForever

    Today, we're meeting Awake!

    AwakeForever is currently ranked #4 on our Community Leaderboard, and is a proud #BeardBrother. He's an active member of our daily chats, and is always happy to help others users get plugged in.

    Awake told us that he…

  • Meet the Legion - iTonbo

    Today, we're meeting iTonbo!

    iTonbo is an enthusiastic and energizing member of the Legion Gaming Community! 

    He bring a lot of positivity and energy to the community while balancing a busy life of family, work, and school.


    What does "gaming community…
  • Meet the Legion - DhaosMakina

    Drumroll please...

    This week we are meeting DhaosMakina!

    DhaosMakina is a Twitch streamer who loves a variety of games from Retro to MMOs. You can catch him streaming games such as Final Fantasy 6/14; Pokémon Sword/Shield; Beat Saber amongst many others…

  • Meet the Legion - TheHoBoLoBo

    Meet TheHoBoLoBo!

    TheHoBoLoBo is a friendly content creator who enjoys FPS games like Halo and Call of Duty. You can find HoBoLoBo running around the warzone on his Legion Y920T when he isn’t busy making friends around the Legion Gaming Community. Keep…

  • Meet the Legion - Ryvalok

    Meet Ryvalok, a Lenovo Employee!

    Ryvalok is a UX Designer working directly on the Gaming Community project. He enjoys the Lenovo Legion brand because of its appeal to everyday gamers:

    "I'm not really a fan of the hardcore, energy-drinking, esports-focused…

  • Is Cyberpunk 2077 the most-anticipated game of 2020?

    What's your most anticipated game of 2020?

    2020 is here, which means that some long-awaited games are right around the corner. 

    Huge titles like Halo Infinite, Cyberpunk 2077, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and the Final Fantasy 7 Remake are finally…

  • Meet the Legion - Bluuf

    Meet the Legion - Bluuf

    Today, we're meeting Bluuf!

    "Bluuf" has been an active member of the Legion community since our first Apex Legends coins event. If Apex is being played, you can bet that Bluuf will show up.

    Bluuf told us that the…

  • Meet the Legion: Stress


    Today, we're meeting Stress!

    Stress is known for his impressive aim in FPS games among Legion community members. He's been active in the community since its inception earlier this year.

    Stress told us that he likes the modern design of the Legion…

  • Introducing the New Legion x AMD Lineup

    You asked, we listened - AMD models are here!

    Latest AMD Ryzen processor options rounding out robust gaming lineup are available now

    People use technology to make their lives easier and to discover exciting ways of staying entertained at home. Whether…

  • "Get Got by a Gran" Event - All Teasers

    Exclusive Videos

    Did you catch the  Silver Snipers "Get Got by a Gran" community livestream event?

    Catch all the official teasers in this playlist, exclusively available to LGC members!

  • Meet the Legion - ScottTalks

    Today, we're meeting Scott!

    "Scottalks" is the Lenovo Legion Marketing Sr. Manager.  He helped build the foundation of the Lenovo Legion brand including designs, partnerships, and messaging. Now he manages worldwide social media and marketing…

  • Announcing our first Legion Phone - the Legion Duel!

    Earlier this year, we announced the first-ever Legion phone, dubbed the Legion Duel.

    You can see the full announcement at this link.

    Although this product is only available in select countries, we want your feedback!

    What are your thoughts on the design…

  • Official Friend Code Exchange Thread

    Need some more Switch friends in the community?

    This is our official thread space for exchanging friend codes with other users in the community. 

    Make sure to include some info about the games you play, and what you're looking to do with others here in…