• Legion Monthly - March 2024

    Welcome to Legion Monthly for March 2024!

    Get all the latest gaming news and updates from March 2024 in this episode of Legion Monthly! I cover new releases like Horizon Forbidden West, Dragon's Dogma 2, South Park Snow Day, and more. We also discuss…

  • What's one thing you'd change about the community forums?

    Like the title what would you change about the forms? Me, I would add the feature to add custom profile pictures or at least make it easier to do if this site has it. I remember reading you could a while ago but couldn't find the option to. I think it…

  • Comment on Legion Go Giveaway - April 2024

    Wow another Legion Go giveaway!!! Let the games begin!

  • Comment on Legion Go Giveaway - April 2024

    Looking forward to this one, but hopefully I win one of the three previous ones and it isn't needed

  • Legion Go Giveaway - April 2024

    US LGC Giveaway - April 2024

    Enter to win another Legion Go Handheld!

    We're running it back this month with another slew of Legion Go giveaways, starting with our April monthly raffle! Just like March, keep an eye out for 1-2 extra Go giveaways coming…

  • Rise of the Ronin thoughts?

    I’m soon going to get into Rise of the Ronin as recommended by friends. I’ve seen so far that this game has some pretty flashy but difficult gameplay and a pretty good story to follow. What do those of you who’ve already started playing think of the game…

  • Dragons Dogma 2

    What has been your guys experience with Dragon’s Dogma 2? I’ve been enjoying it but I have experienced a lot of frame drops at certain points which can ruin my fun at time. 

  • Legion Go vs. Legion Y700 Tablet

    I am interesting in the Legion Go for gaming but I am also intrigued by the Legion Y700 Tablet. What are your thoughts between the two. If you have used both, what is your preference?

  • Legion Community App

    Can we get an app for our cell phones to make it easier to connect with the LGC and EDU groups?   Would any of you like a streamlined app so we can login in while on the go?

  • Very Serious News Today

    Happy April Fools!

    Hope you enjoyed the good boi profile pics yesterday - we've changed them back, but you can now choose that profile picture anytime in your Edit Profile section.

    Don't forget, you can also send me (Ben) a custom PFP if you have…

  • Gaming Wallpapers For PC

    What is your favourite gaming wallpaper? I have 3 monitors on my work setup and I am looking for a new wallpaper!

  • Which game had a minigame that took up most of your gaming time or was a "key" part of the story?

    Gwent comes to mind first, but a few recent games had some crazy minigames that took up a majority of the gameplay! 

    Which other games had a great minigame like gwent?

  • Who do you think will win MSI this year?

    I'm betting on Geng this time. They just look really strong. T1 doesn't seem as good as they were last year on this patch. Although LPL might surprise with BLG.