• Comment on RedBeardedNinja

    thank you for making time to chat with Ben. Also I see the Red Beard but where is the ninja outfit :p 

  • What did games teach you?

    This one comes straight from our official @LenovoLegion Twitter account.

    What did video games teach you?

    For me... vocabulary! I remember distinctly learning words like "critical," "magnitude," "obliterate," and "mystic"…

  • Offers and Black Friday Content

    Anyway we can showcase some of the Black Friday offers in the coming weeks on site? 

  • Franchises you wish to see come back

    As the title says, which franchises would you wish to come back with a new title, an anthology or anything else?

    Personnaly, I'm still waiting on a new Splinter Cell entry, after the surprisingly good Blacklist, I would have thought that they would have…