• What is the best specs you have ever played a game on?

    Tell us your computer specs!

  • What will be the first thing you download on your new legion laptop if you win a giveaway?

    Personally, I would get steam and Spotify right away. Just quick entertainment and I can easily download games. How about you?

  • Introduce yourself!

    Welcome to the Legion Community!
    Please introduce yourself here to start connecting with other members

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    • Favorite game of all time?
    • Game are you playing the most right now?
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  • (Ended) Legion 5 AMD March Giveaway

    US LGC Laptop Giveaway - March '22

    Enter to win a Legion 5 All-AMD Laptop!

    Your chance to win a new AMD laptop - check full specs in the widget above. Featuring the AMD Advantage!
    Contest open to US community members. You MUST have a Legion Gaming Community…