Anno 1800

                                                              Anno 1800

     For gamers who love strategy games and building cities. Here we introduce one of the famous games Anno 1800. This game is the latest game released to the Anno games from Ubisoft. Anno 1800 gathering between building cities, managing them and defend them by using diplomacy's or with your naval army. It's a small game with big ideas. I love these kinds of games. It reflects the reality of our world. Try it you will love it Heart.

  • This seems like a really fun game to play!!

  • I've been playing it, it's really great! Perfect if you want a proper, in-depth city/trade builder. Looks beautiful too.

  • Seems like this thread is in the wrong spot? Beautiful looking game though!

  • The game is amazing, the only thing I've always missed are the land units. The last time they had proper land units was in Anno 1701 I think.

  • this game looks great to play. I love strategy games this game is one of the best
  • Now that you have been playing it, how well does it reflect the reality of the world ?  - how deep does it really go. 

  • Thanks for sharing the game Joker, I like the name of the game because it suggests Italian.

    Looks different for the other AAA games, so it deserves the attention of gamers for sure Grin

  • Thank you for your article, it helps me a lot

  • You can't match the complexity of the real world, but it's a very good game. It has its short comings, like the battle system, but in general it's worth to play.

  • I asked the question because when I tried Anno 1800 it felt like history was pulled down over a game mold.