Like this post if you have won any of the giveaways (Wish i could like this myself)

+ what did you win?

  • I did win Patron from the sweepstakes.

  • I won a game key for SCUM some time back, but ends up I already had a copy so I gave it away on Reddit.

  • Since buying my laptop last September I have been lucky enough to get nearly all the key drops since that date or if not that way via the prize draw. The one I didn't get I purchased with Twitch Channel points, so still 100% free to me. So my Steam collection and some in-game swag has been boosted nicely by Lenovo Legion giveaways. The most enjoyable? Zeitgeist. I keep going back to that one because it's nothing like any other game I have played before, visually stunning and has very clever game dynamics.

  • I apparently won a Lenovo mouse pad (one of 500 winners) over a month ago on a Gleam giveaway here but it hasn't turned up yet.

  • I won one of those BIG Legion mouse mats, still waiting for it. It was first being produced after the winners where found, but still hate the wait / lack of update.   

  • The hold up is other community members who haven't responded to the emails sent out and given their shipping addresses. There's around 100 unresponsive winners, I understand that there is a time limit on how long that Daniel will wait now. You should hear something more soon, I understand the logistics of the giveaway aren't easy but it's a shame that the folk who did reply are still waiting for mats.