Legion Mouse Pad

Absolutely love the mouse pad I recently won in the draw on here. It's narrower than I expected but the design & quality is fantastic. Thrilled to have been lucky enough to win. Thank you Lenovo. 

  • I'm looking forward to winning one!

  • Got mine today too. Thanks Lenovo Thumbsup

  • Kudos for them for going through all the hassle of shipping that many... well, wonder how many in the end claimed it and provided their address from the 500. 
    Maybe they'll do it again with the leftovers soon? Would be great since I missed it :D

  • Got mine too a few days ago, couldn’t be more happy in combination with my new mouse :)

  • Received mine earlier this week too. It looks awesome and I actually like the wider design. Ditched my old mouse pad Laughing

  • Mine came through this week. I actually quite like it on first inspection and it seems really smooth, smoother than my current cloth one and I've never had a wide mouse mat this size before. We'll see how it performs with use and how it holds up against normal wear and tear. Thanks Lenovo Slight smile

  • I got mine yesterday as well! It's going to work with me tomorrow to take pride of place on my desk!

  • still havent gotten mine