New Wallpaper - Passage

Download a new Legion wallpaper!

This Legion wallpaper is part of our "icon" series.

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Originally posted on 8th May to the US Community portal

  • That's the Pulpit Rock, isn't it?

  • Good spot, it certainly is given what I found with a quick search for Pulpit Rock. It looks a great place for base jumping or paragliding

  • Awesome wallpaper thanks. I think it was also used to film one of the scenes in Mission: Impossible Fallout.

  • Nice, although it is a bit gloomy.

  • And helicopter in mission impossible 6. I think they shot the end there. Looks at least similar.

  • One for fans of hiking! I like it, although it's not incredibly colorful.

    I'm curious - does Lenovo use AI to make these wallpapers nowadays?

  • What a nice place to be one with nature. Really makes one feel tiny. 

  • I'm glad Lenovo is keeping publishing Mobile versions of their wallpapers Smiley

  • thats a really nice one. is there a reason it wasnt also put on the eu/uk site?