New Wallpaper - "Borealis"

Another new Legion wallpaper!

This Legion wallpaper is part of our "logo" series.

Check back each Wednesday for new wallpaper drops. See full sizes below:


Originally posted 15th May to the US Portal

  • Thanks for sharing the wallpaper , quite a perfect timing considering the following events and the increase of northern lights around the world by the increase of solar activity ^^

  • It has a very accomplished beauty and magnetic. After the Lenovo snowy mountains desktop wallpaper, it's time to change it to this one.

  • Really nice wallpaper of Aurora Borealis, just made it to the top of my list. 

  • Oh dude. I NEED this.

    Just finished the Fury vs Usyk fight and spotted this. Totally gunna grab this in the morning.

  • Love this wallpaper and very current with recent events!

  • Very nice. I was promised a Borealis where I am recently, but nothing was visible, but this is a nice substitute!

  • Cool love this one 

  • I rather like this one,thanks for sharing 

  • Sometimes you need to look through a camera to see it, I saw it perfectly through my smartphone camera nightmode but nothing was visible by eye alone here either. you also need to be in a low or non-light pollution area and be able to see due north without cloud cover or any buildings, trees etc. in the way.

    There's a chance of another one later this month according to Sky News