Minecraft 15TH Anniversary Gifts and Discounts

For the 15TH Anniversary of Minecraft Mojang is making big discounts on all of their games (on all platforms). 

There are also exclusive in-game gifts like complements, costumes  and capes (Available only for a few days).


  • Congrats to the game. Pretty amazing that the game has lasted this long and that there is no sign of it losing its popularity!

  • Maybe because it's so child friendly? I don't see it going anywhere soon either purely because it can be used as an educational tool as well to start teaching kids programming in schools at a fairly young age, which is also possibly how they get into the game.

    I wonder if Mojang could rebase the game to run off Rust instead of Java, as Rust is a lot more secure and more relevant for kids to learn than the outdated javascript.

  • congrats minecraft. wouldnt have guessed this game has this much staying power when i first saw someone stream an alpha build

  • Yesss amazing 15 years, keep being on top played games due the creativity and innovation, regular updates, awesome modding community and nice educational value. Congrats!

  • 15 years for a game is astonishing. And I didn't touch it once.

  • Yes 15 years is such a long time for a simple builder game.  your not alone in never having tried it, there has always been other (and better) things to do. 

  • Yeah, and it don't think this is going to change. ;)

  • This is probably going to be my shortest comment on the site but... this post makes me feel incredibly old Sweat

  • for some time they had an online website client you could play with an much older version (dont know if they still have that). i tried it and it was enjoyable but didnt make me buy the full game

    though even at that point in time the game was mostly known for its very active modding community. i really would like to know how many players actually never bothered with any version of vanilla.

    so i guess much of the congratulations in the thread should get to the restless and dedicated modding communities