STEAM Open World Survival Crafting Fest Free Avatar Frame + Animated Avatar + Sticker

  • Everyone loves a free sticker!

  • My friend once made a joke about Steam points being the currency of the future, and now I grab as many freebie frames, avatars, and stickers as I can get.

    You never know when the world will end and we'll actually end up living an open world survival crafting 'fest' and trading goods with Steam points. Stuck out tongue winking eye

  • stickers aside- anyone have a good game in the "survival + crafting" genre to recommend from that "festival"?

  • Thanks for sharing the freebies None, the richious gem is pretty nice and I like the fact that they are animated and even spinningGrin

  • Thanks. I have never used this before, so for what or how can it be used ? What can you put those stickers on ? 

  • You use it in the Steam community chat if you notice from your inventory it will display the purpose of the item.

  • Lol thinking out loud