[GOG] FREE - The Witcher Enhanced Edition

You need to subscribe their newsletter, but the original Witcher game is free on GOG, alongside some Gwent goodies Slight smile


You need to add Gwent to your GOG library before it'll let you redeem it, but it's a free title and you don't need to download.

  • I have this on my Steam anyway, buttttt I have heard CDPR are going to remake the original in Unreal Engine 5. I played the first years ago, it wasn't bad at the time I guess but it didnt age well in my opinion, I would love to play a modern take on it.

  • Thanks for the information ThumbsupPlayed it before already, but don't have it on GOG yet so why not Smiley

  • Nice! This is such a memorable game, even if the fighting mechanics are a bit weird... The story is just so GOOD!

    Although I have to say, jumping into the Witcher 2 years after playing the first, and then Witcher 3 years after the second, I did actually forget a lot of the details from each playthrough... Would love to have them release a trilogy edition like they did with Mass Effect. Then everything would line up very neatly!

  • I have GWENT in my library and it won't let me download the keg. The Witcher game I also got free anyway via installing GOG Galaxy from Epic Launcher, next week there's Jazz Jackrabbit 2 also free on GOG for new Galaxy users