Epic store weekly freebie: Star Wars Squadrons

Master the art of starfighter combat in the authentic piloting experience STAR WARS: Squadrons. Feel the adrenaline of first-person multiplayer space dogfights alongside your squadron, and buckle up in a thrilling STAR WARS story.


This game is particularly interesting for PCVR users, since it has good VR support.

  • wow didn't know about the vr - gonna get it now!

  • Another great freebie. I'll grab it of course. But I'll never like Epic Games or their shop...

  • Oo thanks for the heads up!

  • It's a brilliant game in VR, arguably the best way to play it but you need some pretty serious VR legs for it, even though I've already built up some tolerance it made me sick.

  • I'm playing on PS4 Pro.The game is fun, but the multiplayer is all team based. If you are a newbie who will get killed by the other team, you could get avoided by your own team mates for "feeding" points to the other team. I don't know if my team fellows  had ever hated me for not being a very good player because I turned off voice chat before going online so I don't hear any of their complaints. I for one don't really mind if my team loses because this game needs work.

  • I will have to check that out. Thanks

  • Wow VR, I'll get!

    Thanks for sharing, the idea of play with a light saber is awesome Sunglasses, even more in multiplayer 

  • Star Wars Squadrons is such a good game. It's definitely worth a try and what a great free game.

  • I have it from humble choice and tried it once - it's fun, just not a lot people playing it.

  • This game looked like it had a lot of potential. I just get nostalgic for Tie Fighter and X-Wing whenever I see these new Star Wars space fighter games come out, and then - sadly - they usually disappoint me.

    Was I just a young, star-struck player or are the new games actually somehow worse? Anyway, high hopes for Squadrons, and hopefully the freebie will inspire more people to play.

    But if it's anything like the newest Battlefront II's space battles, I will be sorely dissatisfied...