[GOG] Terroir

Terroir - simulation - manage your own vineyard Star3.3/5 on GOG ([Mostly Possitive] on Steam).

Free to claim and keep from now until 2022-11-28 somewhere during the day. (49 hours after posting)

Terroir is a 3D tile-based tycoon game where you manage your very own vineyard. In Terroir, you grow a variety of different grape varietals, craft your wine, and expand and manage your Estate. You'll also have to deal with factors such as weather and random events, which can either make or break your business.


  • Thank you Nightfire! It seems to be a very comfortable game where you have to do a lot of activities , and to provide materials in order to built your own vineyard expanding and managing you Estate step by step . Yeah, as a game, it is very similar to games of factories or cities building but they have their place and  are highly valued . 

  • Haha, sometimes I wonder why games like this are made... I mean, cool that there's something out there for everyone, but it's relatively absurd.

    I guess the thing that really bugs me is that you can't actually drink the wine. Wine glass

  • I'm glad you like it! I've played "hundred days" before, a different wine business simulator and really enjoyed it. So I thought this would be a nice one too.