(Fanatical) [Steam] Garfield Kart - Furious Racing

Do you hate Mondays, do you love lasagna and like to race? Then look no further!

Garfield Kart - Furious Racing free Steam code on Fanatical until 2022-12-08.

I really don't know much about this game, it looks like a MarioKart clone, but it's free and on Steam, so lets find out.


GarfieldKart FuriousRacing 

  • Ahhh man.

    It seems kinda tempting, but heck the only 2 racers like that I will ever play are Mario Kart, and Crash Nitro Karts. I even skipped on the Sonic versions... I'll go look though.

  • Haha look awesome indeedSunglasses, now i know what my purpose of lifeRofl

    I hope Odie will be there to!

  • Combat racing is one of the first type of video game I played, I have a soft spot for these titles.

  • Oh man, too late - it's all gone! The idea of a Garfield kart racer is ridiculous, but I likely would have genuinely played more than I care to admit of this with my kids haha

  • It's pretty lame to be honest.

  • Ahaha it’s funny! I’m agree that the game looks like MarioKart for the concept of the game, that is a race to receive pennies facing obstacles and reaching goals. I think it’s designed for kids , mainly for the characters, the graphics and the animation. However it’s not a bad idea to play and to come back a little children , since it’s a funny and comfortable game. 

  • Dammit I missed this Disappointed I love Garfield. Was Garfield Kart any good? Unfortunately in my experience Garfield games always end up being terrible. I can't believe Garfield Go ever became a real thing Sweat smile (it was a Garfield themed rip off of Pokemon Go and was awfull)

  • Personally I think Mario Kart is better, on every front, but for kids the looks of Garfield Kart might be more attractive. Not saying it's a bad game, but it's definitely not my favourite. Don't think you missed much tbh.