Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms. Free on Epic Games with a limited time offer of extra free pack.

Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms is a Dungeons & Dragons strategy management game uniting characters from throughout the D&D multiverse into a grand adventure.

Base game is Free plus: Limited Time Offer - 13TH June 2024 - 20TH June 2024: Duke Ravengard's Champions of Renown Pack (Over $100 USD Value - FREE!)

LOG IN NOW: All players who log into Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms through the Epic Games Store between Thursday, 13/6/2024, at 11 AM Eastern and Thursday, 20/6/2024, at 11 AM Eastern will receive Duke Ravengard's Champions of Renown Pack. This pack is worth over $100 USD and can be yours for FREE, just by logging in! Get ready to level up your game with this exciting offer!

The Epic Exclusive Duke Ravengard's Champions of Renown Pack is a treasure trove of rewards. It includes unlocks for featured Champions in the active Dragondown event and 3 other Champions to help unlock your formation potential! Discover the power of these exclusive items and take your gameplay to the next level.

  • Thanks for sharing. Not really my type of game, but I'm always happy to broaden my gaming horizons.

  • This looks really.......bad. But anyway, thanks for sharing.

  • I haven't played a strategy management game in a long while. Might dip my toe in.

    Thanks for highlighting.

  • Thank you for to share this link. I love this type of videogames because it's simpatic to follow an aventure and not only a game

  • Thanks for sharing this 

  • its always a bit strange to talk about some "value" for a pack in an idle game.. but sure.

  • it is from 2021 and I would, really would have expected more, but  seems like it is an RPG version of cookie clicker.

    Thanks for sharing anyways. 

  • I've never heard of "Cookie Clicker", but I guess that's a good thing. ;)

  • Oh,   please do not Google it then, it really belongs in the place of unknown stuff or stuff best forgotten. 

  • Haha, good to know.