Amazon Prime Games available in June 2024

Apologies it's a bit late posting this for June, but all these games are still available to grab with Amazon Prime Gaming. They are free to keep even after your Amazon prime expires.

  • June 6   STAR WARSTm Battlefront II (Classic, 2005) 
  • June 6   Weird West Definitive Edition 
  • June 6   Genesis Noir 
  • June 13  Everdream Valley 
  • June 13  Mythforce 
  • June 13  Blast Brigade vs. the Evil Legion of Dr Cread
  • June 13  Projection: First Light
  • June 20  Deceive Inc.
  • June 20  Call of Juarez
  • June 20  The Invisible Hand
  • June 20  Tearstone: Thieves of the Heart - CE

There is also a host of other games still up from May incase you missed those.

  • Wow that's quite a load of games, and even some decent ones in there like Weird West, Call of Juarez, and SWBF II (such a classic!).

    Can't really vouch for some of the lesser-well-known games in this list, but it appears that Amazon is going down the Epic Games route by offering a few big titles along with a plethora of unknowns to people with subscriptions. Hard to say no to free(-ish) games, I guess!