FREE Biped Game Key - Tell us your favourite Co-Op game of all time! [CLOSED - FOR NOW!]

Time for another Forum Giveaway! This week, we're giving away 50 keys for Co-Op Action Adventure title, Biped!

To grab yourself a key, simply let us know in the comments below what your all-time favourite Co-op game of all time is, and why. From It Takes Two, to Overcooked, to the original Super Mario Bros., we want to hear about 'em all! 

We have 50 keys up for grabs until end of day Friday, and it's on a first-come, first-served basis.

WOW! Thanks for all of your replies, Legion! For now, we're closing the competition to review your entires, but we'll reopen it if there are any keys left over once the first batch has gone out. 

Remember, to qualify for a free key, we need to know your favourite co-op game, as well as why it's your favourite. Give us the deets! After the competition closes (or we've run out of keys - whichever comes first!), we'll send out game keys via your Community email account. 

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  • Not sure if it's gonna count but I would choose Europa Universalis IV. It is great strategic game. I love playing it with my brother and cooperating together to conquer whole world. Helping together to kill huge alliances or powerful enemies or sometimes help ourselfs when we get too powerful coalition against one of us.

  • My favourite is It Takes Two because the game helps to connect with my friends and family!

  • My most favorite game i would say Halo because it's open world map, where you shoot aliens and do missions with your friends/ family.... it's a pretty fun game and i recommend it 

  • My fav co-op game is GTFO, The hardcore nature of the game plus the way it punishes mistakes is really addictive imo, it takes a good squad to pull off a flawless run plus the whole atmosphere/aesthetic is really pleasing and the soundtracks kicks it up even more. When you finish a run you get that amazing sense of achievement, I always loved that about games of this nature.

  • My favourite co-op action is Left 4 Dead. It’s a game of my childhood, my first multiplayer game. However, for the most it’s a horror game. Those times horror coops were pretty rare.

  • It has to be Halo: The Master Chief Collection. The reason being I have always been a big fan of Halo since the first PC game and this version allows decent coop play which means I can enjoy the game even more now with my family and friends. Nostalgia maybe a big factor but the game has evolved (pun intended) over the years into one of the best Sci-Fi FPS games on the market. 

  • I believe Destiny 2. Its just a game where there is no fun in playing alone. When you play with your friends you can bond together and have fun and even with strangers on the internet. Its a nice game but it is very addictive. 

  • Unravel 2. The game itself is great, with a cute art style. And the co-op mechanics are genius. When one of the two players struggles with a part of a level, this player can simply hop on the back of the other player and literally be carried through the difficult part. It makes Unravel 2 very accessible for people who wouldn't call themselves a gamer.

  • It may not be a fully co-op game but AC Unity co-op feature was amazing!

  • My most favorite co-op game is Dying Light 2. I love the open world and love to do the missions with my friends. It's always fun to play.