(Discussion) New Giveaway - Art of Rally

This week's partner giveaway is for Art of Rally!

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Art of Rally is a new indie racing title on Steam, and it's already getting killer reviews.


"Race in the golden era of rally. Drive iconic cars from the 60s to Group B on challenging stages through stylized environments inspired by real worldwide locations. Will you master the art of rally?"

Giveaway entry is open through Monday, February 15th at noon EST. Winners announced on Tuesday, Feb 16th. 35 total copies available for US entrants.


In addition to our giveaway, we will also be interviewing Art of Rally's community manager!

Stop by our Legion Twitch Channel this Thursday at 11am EST to catch the live interview, and ask questions to the team.

Thanks to Funselektor Labs for partnering with us on this event!


What do you think of this giveaway? What questions do you have for Art of Rally's Community Manager?