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This week, we've got 50 keys for rogue-like dungeon crawler NecroBouncer up for grabs!

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In keeping with NecroBouncer's underworld nightclub setting, what one video game character would you love to invite to a party, and why?

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  • Please use at least 200 characters in your reply
  • Limit 1 key per member (including past discussions)
  • Share some details; why do you think your character would be fun at a party? What crazy antics do you think they'd get up to?
  • After the competition closes (or we've run out of keys - whichever comes first!), we'll send out game keys to your Community email account. 

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  • I would invite the Butcher from Diablo as he offers "Ahhhh - fresh meat" and this would make an excellent guest for a BBQ with friends. Good times, I just hope he does not eat everything and does not leave a bit for the others, lol!

  • Duke Nukem would the one I'd invite. He always has something cool to say (love his voice) and I really think he can drink a lot. Would be fun to drink a beer with him.

  • While I haven't played any of the Persona games yet, I would probably invite Yu Narukami, the protagonist in Persona 4: the performer of the famous Specialist dance. Surely that would be fun on the dancefloor!

  • Jesse Fox (Unmetal), he has crazy stories that totally happened

    Shantae if its a dance party. Her transformations are the real party tricks

    Definitely not the player from Party Hard Grimacing

  • Uhh, it'd probably be Ana Spelunky from "Spelunky". She'd fit the party because not only does she have the usual relic-hunter tools such as ropes, bombs, machete and mattock, she also hunts for well-known treasures of old.

    Some of the relics she could bring to the party are Hedjet, an ancient Egyptian artifact, which lets her access secret areas (this would be great addition to the NecroBouncer, maybe some secret areas known only when wearing the crown), Vlad's Cape, so the character could do some double-dashes (usually double-jumping, but NecroBouncer seems to have no jumping Smile) or gliding, and Kapala, the human skull chalice, for some interesting healing abilities.

    Of course, next to her tools and artifacts, she could also wield her handy weapons such as Plasma Cannon, Freeze Ray or a Web Gun. She can also wear her Shield to block the incoming damage while bashing through her foes.

    I think she's a perfect match for NecroBouncer, her own mechanics would fit perfectly and the relics she could bring into the game could benefit other characters and bring some awesome mechanics into play. Smile

  • I would invite Liara T'soni from Mass Effect. She is my favourite female character from games and no matter hopw many times I play Mass Effect I always romance with her. My space alien waifu. :) Furthermore I already know that would be a great party with her because I already had party in Mass Effect 3 in Citadel DLC. One of the best DLCs in Mass Effect. Liara T'soni - best girl. Don't change my ming.

  • I would invite GLaDOS from Portal, as she is a hilarious and sarcastic character who would add a lot of humor and wit to the party. Her snarky comments and dry sense of humor would keep everyone entertained and in stitches, making the party even more enjoyable.

  • I would love to invite Kazuma Kiryu from the Yakuza franchise. He has mastered the art of just absolutely murdering the dance floor and also he can sing karaokes too! I would love to see him competing with someone and see his footwork. That's why he's the most legendary yakuza in the game.

  • I would invite Leliana from Dragon Age. She looks great and furthermore she sings quite well so all problems with music are solved. Her songs are really good and I recommend checking it out (song from Dragon Age Origins).What is more she is a Spymaster so we can spend some time on listening to gossips and people's secrets. Best party ever.

  • Yeah, Duke Nukem fits perfectly, actually there are several levels in which he hangs out in places like this. Oh boy, he knows how to party & i got a feeling he already all out of bubblegum!