EPIC Store Weekly Freebie: City of Gangsters & Dishonored: Death of the Outsider



Dishonored sure is a great game, can't say anything about City of Gangsters, but it does look like a decent game at the very least.

  • Awesome. Thanks for the heads up. I haven't played Dishonored but i have heard good things.

  • Nice, thanks for sharing! I heard a lot from Dishonored bit never had the opportunity to play it. The fact that is relatively new really make it a good gift

  • I think that this game is good but nowhere near as good as the other two games. I’ll start with the positives. The game lacks a chaos system like the other games and doesn’t give the player many choices. This leads to the player being able to do whatever they want and the story doesn’t react. This along with the lack of significant powers makes the game much less replayable than the other two dishonoured games. The game is also very easy compared to them causing it to be sort of boring when played after one of the other two games.

  • Almost missed this one! Thanks for the heads up, looks like a fun game to spend a few hours exploring Slight smile

  • Thanks for bringing this up! Would recommend people jump on this before it expires, because if you haven't played Dishonored: Death of the Outsider yet, you NEED TO DO SO! Dishonored is such a phenomenal series, and this game was no exception. Huge bonus that you can get and play it for free. I'm really looking forward to more Dishonored sequels, as they never disappoint.

    As Giulia mentioned, this game doesn't feature a chaos system, but actually the story does react to your choices and the world is more malleable than you think. I played through the game twice, so it had at least enough replayability for that. In addition, I would argue that the powers are actually more interesting than previous games, but of course that's subjective. Still, I think it's well worth a try, and unmissable if you're a fan of the series.