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What's your favourite 'sim' type game, and why?

These days there are simulation games for everything - The Sims, Flight Sim, Euro Truck simulator, Planet Coaster, even Goat Sim! But we want to know which one you think is SIMply the best (sorry), and why that is.

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  • Share some details; what makes it your favourite sim game? The realism? The type of sim? The weirdness of it? And so on.
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  • These days, I love pc building game. Because it helps me to complete my deficiencies in computer and also I signed up for the course to specialize in computer.but the type of game I really like is farming simulator game. I am engaged in farming and it gives me new ideas while playing. Playing a game where I do my job .what makes the game my favorite is the reality of the game and my interest (my job and hobby).As this kind of survival game, project zomboid-the long dark game attracts my attention a lot. What makes a game especially interesting is new ideas, realism and dialogues.


  • Rollercoaster Tycoon is my absolute favorite simulation. I can get excited about this series of games for hours. There were a few alternatives, but hey, the series is simply cult for me and anyone who has never played it should just catch up on it

  • It's Stardew Valley for me.

    It's what farming simulator should be - fun, enjoyable, easy-going and progressive.

    Farming aspects are on point, with vegetables, shrooms, fruits, sapping and livestock (and more). Even the grass-cutting is an activity that has a meaning in this game, and feels natural.

    It's got awesome soundtracks that fits the atmosphere very well and it clicked with me very well (it goes on repeat in my head Laughing).

    The story fits well into the game - it's not forced or cliché, it floats with the game.

    All the awesome side activities - mining, fishing, friendships, ... - wrap it into a pack that's unforgettable and easy to get back into over and over again.

    Modding support is a cherry on top of the cake. There are even mods that have whole areas added into game with their own stories that integrated well into base game.

    I could go on, but I'd get lost. Smile

  • My favorite 'sim' type game is "The Long Dark". This is just a masterpiece of survival simulators. Tried others, but they are not comparable with this game. Everything is wonderful here: from the crafting system and searching loot in various lockers to shooting and hunting animals. And the specific graphics only enhance the effect of enjoyment from being in this game. All this is accompanied by a beautiful soundtrack. The game has everything you need, except for summer. =) When this game appeared in Steam, I immediately bought it. This was in 2014. And I still play it, because the developers have not abandoned it and are constantly adding a lot of new things to it. Looking forward to episode 5 of the story mode.

  • Simulators are not the most exciting genre IMHO. The problem is that instead of playing a simulation, anyone can just live a normal life and do everything that the simulators offer in reality. However, simulations give you the opportunity to play some life moments that you could not realize IRL. One such simulator is The Sims. Many people are lonely. They lack communication and interaction with other people. The Sims provides an opportunity to fix this situation. Everything is good in this game. Beautiful, bright graphics. The simplest gameplay that even the smallest players can figure out. Super funny sounds. But the most interesting about this game is the huge number of possibilities that it gives you. You can experiment with how you imagine your future family. Or if you already have a family, you can virtually improve it and turn it into an ideal family just for you. You can select and play professions for every taste, interact with the environment in a variety of ways, sometimes even the wildest, as far as your imagination allows. Creating different ways of interacting in society is the genius of this game. All people are different, all professions are different, all people have different hobbies. And you, as a player, can check out all the variety of interactions between the characters you invented virtually, without fear of getting unpleasant sensations. After all, a game is just a game. And life is life. Don’t be afraid to relive social anxiety virtually.

  • Train Valley 2 is generally a charming mental workout, but there are a few bumps on this smooth ride. Most significantly, building track can sometimes feel unnecessarily challenging and there’s a bit of trial and error involved in working out where you can actually build, especially when it comes to slopes. Occasionally, icons can get in the way of junction switches, meaning that you might send a train of workers instead of hitting the switch you meant to hit. None of these issues come close to breaking the game, but they can get irritating.

  • I loved SimTower so much; must have had a thousand hour in it at the very least. For it's time (release 1994/1995) the graphics were amazingly good. I think it still looks great today. Back then developers did such good jobs with the few pixels they had. And the sound effects were also greatly done. Even just sitting back doing nothing just listening to the ambience of your tower creation just felt nice. I honestly prefer this very old game over it's (unofficial) successor Project Highrise (2016). I'm not sure what exactly made it so enjoyable, but building your own tower, placing compartment by compardment and stairs and elevators and shops etc and it all fitting in the end perfectly obviously is quite satisfying :)

    I believe SimTower is abandonedware... so you might find a download for it online if you wanna try it (probably need to use DosBox to run it), so I recommend everyone giving it a try.

  • I grew up with Rise of Nations and C&C Red Alert 2; to me, they're still unmatched as of today. In particular, the Red Alert 2 skirmishes are still extremely fun and the fact that the possibilities on that game mode are almost endless, the replayability is outstanding.

    On second thought, are RTS games even considered simulation games? I believe they are in a way - simulation games are a very broad category; they can also encompass time management with strategy.

    Realism isn't at all a factor for me -- they're old games, and the emphasis is on the entertainment they can offer. Red Alert 2 does have a compelling story, but I confess most of the time I've spent on it was on the skirmishes, it's extremely addicting.

    But in the case that these don't count as simulation games, I grew up on The Sims 2 and I played a whole lot of it. I can't say I've tried the sequels, but they look fairly fun as well. Maybe I will try them when I get an itch to revisit my childhood. RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 was another of those -- at the time, the point-of-view camera feature of it was a nice novelty. Again, realism wasn't at all a factor for me, because all I wanted was to make the most outlandish rollercoasters I could.

  • I particularly like flight simulators since they give you the opportunity to learn how to fly an aircraft and in the case of combat flight sims you can fly missions as part of an air campaign which can be immersive and exciting.  The learning curve can be quite steep to get used to all of the aircraft systems but it is rewarding when you master them. The graphics in modern flight sims are amazing with Microsoft Flight Simulator and DCS World being particularly realistic.  My current favourite flight sim is Microsoft Flight Simulator since you get a good range of aircraft to choose from in the base game and they have released several updates to the scenery to make it even more true to life.

    Apart from flight sims, I also like PC Building Sim which gives you freedom to build PCs with all the parts that you can't afford in real life!

  • Probably, the one sim game that resonates with me the most, is from my childhood, when I played Elite for the first time at a friends place on their BBC Micro computer.  I was in awe to see a 3d wire-frame game that was unique and open ended and in an open world.  Role-playing as a space trader, I was also fascinated by the trading aspect of the game to make money the legal way, or the quick and fast but illegal way of dealing in contraband and evading the law.  It was 'cool' to break the law 'in game' :).  The game paved way for so many popular games but it always has a special place in my memory.