Last we talked about the BEst freebie, so how about we this time talk about the WORST freebie we seen?

So with this im curious what you got for free that left you thinking "why did they even offer this"

In my case it was on epic a while back when the freebies were indie games for like $0,15 for weeks leaving me to question why it was such a long streak of extremely cheap games.

  • Bad Rats. I don't think it was a freebie in the actual sense, but it just cost $1 and when you activated it you got one (or several copies?) on top to give to your friends or foes. So it was given around a lot some years ago and well, it's pretty much a trash game. Not an 5-min asset flip though, I'll give the devs that ;)

  • Idk why, might been since you said asset flip i was reminded of Road to Eden, not a freebie but a mid price indie game that was total crap and just made out of assets XD

  • Haha, yes, I remember the streak of really bad games Epic had in its store for a while. But, nevertheless, I still claimed them all because why not, lol. I really can't pick just one game that I could call the worst of them all freebies since there are a whole lot of them, but I can tell you that Steam has the biggest list of such games (even though it's one of the largest stores), and pretty much every indie store has a ton of them (but that's expected since all games are low budget indie games).

  • Indie games Stuck out tongue not that I expect big games every month. Buy what about they give dlc for the standard games that they have given? 

  • There are many giveaways of objectively bad games usually done through the Gleam giveaway platform where the creators want you to follow their twitter or twitch or like something and then in return you get a steam code for a game that you will never play, I am guilty of doing that too. It's not really possible to pick one specific game this thing happens all the time, here's a subreddit to keep track if you want, on the positive side it lists all new giveaways so there's good games too:

  • I've received free Steam keys for delisted, buggy shovelware that were released years ago (not on Legion). They're like puzzle and quiz games that wouldn't even work on my PC.

  • This might be an unpopular opinion, but I'd say a good contender for the worst freebie is the one on the Epic store right now: Chess Ultra. I get that chess is popular these days, but aren't there already a million free platforms on which to play chess? It's honestly just an extremely un-exciting giveaway in my opinion.

  • Every day ist "worst freebie" day. There is always something free that you absolutely under no cirumstances need. ;)