What games do you remember?

What games do you remember and why?.
My first game was "Ну, Погоди!" on Electronics. In the late 80s, it was just "wow"! Then came the computer and it's the game "Prince of Persia"

  • "Bluppo", "Doom", "Lemmings" and "Prince of Persia" - those were one of the first games I played in DOS.

    Later on, I remember "Supaplex", which was a Pac-Man clone where you eat computer chips, "Captain Claw" with the mighty pirate cat, "Zool", which was something like Sonic, and "Jazz the Jackrabbit".

    Simple, entertaining and memorable.

  • Super Mario Bros, Duck Hunt, and Contra on the NES are the earliest games that I remember playing. Duck Hunt was silly, but the fact that you could use the laser gun to actually target ducks on the screen was just awesome. And the dog from that game is probably the earliest troll featured in a game Rofl

  • I do remember these little handheld games like in the first pic. none in particular but there were so many and they all were trash but I mean we still played the heck out of them back then LUL.

    I also remember... or actually don't remember a game that had some kind of blocks where you were kinda digging through or destroying them in some way, but it was not bomberman nor breakout. I really don't have a clear vision of it anymore at all, don't even know what platform it was, I just remember that I loved it... and I've never seen it again in all these years Shrug tone1

  • Snake on a Nokia phone has to be the most memorable for me!

  • I remember I had a PS1 a long time ago, but I honestly cannot remember what games I played on it. 

  • I remember Centipede

  • First game i remember playing was a game where i was controlling a submarine dodging sinkbombs

  • Intellivision - Utopia, Frog-something?, Shark! Shark!, SNAFU, Skiing, Microsurgeon. Man I loved that console!

  • Had Prince of Persia on the Megadrive!

    (That’s done it, can’t get that music out of my head now, and I’ll be doing that creepy walk around the house all day)